Are Tools the Best Kind of Magic for You?

Best Kind of Magic

Witches often want to know what kinds of tools that they need in order to do their magic the best. There is no real answer to this, and it is something that has been talked about for years and years. There are great things about using tools and there are great things about not using tools. When you look at the good, the bad and the ugly about tool usage, you might find out how to get the best out of your tools.

Using Tools or Not Using Tools

Most witches don’t care about using tools or the theories behind them. They want to do their magic and they want to see it work. This is a way that you can approach magic head on. You can use your tools and use a magic book and you can go by that, or you can choose to not use your tools. Sometimes witches feel that their magic is more powerful when they use tools. The thing is, this can be very expensive and there are some tools that are harder to get. It is important to experiment and figure out what makes your magic stronger and then go that route.

If you want to have more effective magic, you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on tools but learn to read more and learn to follow different theories that work best for you. There is no one answer for doing magic and you have to find the pros and cons of all of the magic that you do. This is a way that you can benefit the idea of using tools or not and find out what is best for you.

Pros of Using Tools

There are great reasons that you can use tools when you do magic. One reason is that tools are often used in magical traditions and there are so man y tools that you can use that are considered magic tools. This means that you can have these tools in front of you when you want to do effective magic.

Tools can help you if you are a new witch to help you to grow and to become more confident in your practice. The tools are there to help you to focus your energy on them so that the magic can work by the energy. Some people will feel that using tools is useful and it causes them not to have to use their body or to focus as hard to make things work. They have their focus based on their tools and it helps them to be less distracted when creating a sacred magical place.

Other people feel that the tools are there to move the energy. They use them to make a sensation and to use the sensation to keep things moving. The tools that are used such as sound therapy can help them to be stimulated and there are other things that can be used such as colors, smells, tastes and more. When the body and mind have a sensation, it helps them to focus more.

You should never underestimate the benefits of using tools in crafting. Even if you love energy and you want to use energy, using tools can be powerful and it can help you to be able to use sensory experiences to make your magic stronger.

Cons of Using Tools

There can be some downfalls with using tools when you do magic such as they can be hard to get. If you have an ingredient that is hard to get your hands on, it can cause you not to be able to do that spell. Also, some tools can be very expensive, and it might be hard for you to buy the tools because of finances. Some tools are hard to find and if you are relying on the tools to do your magic, then you need to figure out how important the tools really are. Are you able to substitute one tool for another? If not, will it cause you to give up on your spell completely?

Tools also make it hard for you to do magic spontaneously. If all the spells require you to have certain ingredients and tools, you will have to make sure that you have all of those things in front of you to do the spell. You might see that you are sitting there, and you want to do a spell and you open your box up and you have no ingredients.

This means that you will not be able to do the spell and if you are not able to figure out how to get the spell done without those tools, your magic might not work. Some people will keep tools as an emergency purpose only and they will not use them in all of their crafting experiences. For example, a sigil spell can be done with just a pen and paper and so some people will do their crafting this way if their tools are not there.

Using tools can restrict your magic, especially if you think that you always have to have them. Some people do not need to have all of these tools to do their magic, but some people will never do their magic unless they follow the spell exactly and have the right ingredients. A person that works and is not home often will need to be more flexible in doing their magic and what tools that they have if they want to keep their magic going.

Pros of Not Using Tools

One of the best reasons to not use tools in your magic is that it gives you more freedom. You don’t have to worry about having a large selection of tools or a tool kit that you rely on. You never have to worry about having all of the right plants and oils and having the candles, but you can create your magic without these things. You will see that having tools is great and you should not stop using them completely, but you have to stop seeing them as a necessity and seeing them more as a benefit. You have the ability to do magic without having tools and there are different methods that you can use that will not cause you to have to rely on these things.

If you decide to do a spell and you realize that you don’t have a candle, you can make a spell by using your mind and maybe some incense that you have laying around.

This is perfect for people that are always traveling or that are not home because they can use things wherever they are. Also, people that do not have the finances to buy a bunch of tools will also benefit from this because they will have the flexibility to make magic without having to have anything to do it.

When you do magic and don’t have tools or ingredients, it helps you to understand the magical theory even better. It forces you to work as the older witches did by creating your own tools and ingredients and still using your energy to make your magic work.

You don’t have to know what is going on for it to actually happen. You can create the same effect that you would with your tools but by using your mind and your energy instead. This can help you to become better at understanding how real magic works. This can make you more creative and flexible and give you freedom when doing your magic.

When you understand how the theories work, you will understand that you can make magic out of anything. You can find new ways of doing magic and you can learn the rules of how magic works, but you can also break them along the way to see how your magic will work without the things that are listed.

Composing your magic is like composing music. It keeps you interested in your crafting and allows you to be more engaged. If you have no desire to compose your own magic, you might want to just do the magic how it is written but if you have any interest in the theory of magic, you will probably desire at some point to make your own spells.

Cons of Not Using Tools

The downside of working magic without tools is that it can be hard for some people to come up with their own spells. Then, if a spell does not work, they will feel that they failed because they didn’t have the tools that they needed.

This can be harder for witches that are just learning and for those that are just giving up their tools for the first time. Just like you expect a spell to work, sometimes the spell will fail, and it can be hard to learn new methods fast. This can be frustrating and can cause people to want to give up. But, learning these new skills can be very helpful and even if the spells do not work at first, keep practicing without tools.

Spells that are done without different tools might feel that they are not very creative. If you have ever cast a spell that had no rituals or tools, you will feel that you are just doing something, and it isn’t even magical. You will often feel that it has to feel like magic to be really magic. This is not true and sometimes you will even just make wishes which can be part of magic. If you feel that you cannot do magic if you aren’t using tools, then doing magic without tools will never feel like real magic to you.

Using witchcraft and new age together is different and it is going to feel different. You might even feel that you aren’t even doing witchcraft, but the truth is that many magical and spiritual things don’t even use tools. They use things such as energy work or mediation to make the spell work. It might not feel as exciting or engaged but you are still doing the right craft.

If you feel that you are not able to make real magic without tools, you need to use tools in your crafting. The way that you feel about your magic is what makes the magic important for you. If you feel that you are not good at witchcraft because you don’t have tools, then you are going to want to do witchcraft less and less.

If you feel bad about what you are doing, it will create a negative feeling in you, and you will feel that you no longer want to do the crafting because you don’t feel positive about sitting there and doing spell work without tools. Do what makes you feel positive about yourself and what you are doing.

Setting Up Your Craft

How do you do your own magic? This is where the things get fun because you get to try different things and see what works for you.

One thing to remember is that you need to love what you are doing. The best way to know if magic is right for you is to see if you are enjoying it. If you want to use tools, do it and if you want to do other kinds of magic without tools, do that. You need to find the magic that works with you and makes you happy to be a witch. Stop worrying about being good enough and do magic because you love it.

Having willpower is something that is often over exaggerated and even though willpower does play a role in how you live, if you don’t enjoy something then you will never have the willpower to keep forcing yourself to do that kind of magic. It can be hard to convince yourself that you love magic if you are only using willpower to make you do it. This can cause you to have a negative feeling for what you are doing.

It is hard for some people to exercise good habits when doing magic. When you decide to figure out what kind of things you should do instead of what you like, then more than likely you are just forcing yourself to do things to get you through. The more you have to force it, the less you will like it and you will never get anything out of it. As you put in a lot of effort over time, you will never come to enjoy it, but you will force yourself to go through things that make you miserable.

Do not just use willpower but find ways to do things that you love. Find the things that you enjoy doing or find things that you can enjoy with what you have to do. Make your favorite magic and learn to love it while you are trying new things.

Pick the kind of magic that makes you feel good and that also gives you effective feedback. Find ways that your magic will work and see this as a reward. This can mean that you use different things such as music or candles. This can make your magic more enjoyable and create an environment to make your magic work. There are different forms of magic that can make you have more energy and make you enjoy it even more.

If you use tools or don’t use tools, that is up to you. There is no right or wrong answer for this. This is just deciding what kind of crafting you want to do and what kind of magic you like. What motivates you to do your magic? What fascinates you, the magic theory or something else? Learn to find out what you love and what makes you excited to do more magic.

Some people get excited with the different things that they get to use in magic such as crystals or other things so find out what makes you feel good.

There is never just a black and white when doing magic. You can always decide to pick up tools later if you don’t use them now or vice versa. You can also add other tools to the ones you have and use them how you want. There is some magic that does not use tools that works perfectly, and it all depends on what you love. Some spells might seem more like a ritual, and you might have to do this to get what you are desiring.

The most important thing to remember when doing magic is to find magic that you love, and you enjoy. Then you will see that your magic will work better because you are having fun and enjoying your life along the way.