Are you Angry?


Some people think that whoever makes you angry controls you. As maddening as it seems, there is definitely some truth to that.  If you find yourself constantly letting anger control you, you will lose an awful lot of your valuable life force fighting battles that aren’t yours instead of being active in your own life.

Do friends think of you as easy to anger? Do they say that you have no problem with telling them the truth and that you never shy away from a fight? If this is true you may be letting your rage and temper control you.

A way to fix this is to figure out how to monitor your temper. So you can regulate it.  Knowing you have a problem is the first step to gaining control over your emotions.

The Physical signs of Anger

Some find their anger manifesting itself physically with a redness rushing to their faces and their jaws tightening.  Some may experience the onslaught of a headache, shaking and dizziness.

These physical clues can help you control your anger by taking steps to calm down once you notice these start to happen. Implementing some quick and simple relaxation techniques, such unclenching your jaw and breathing slowly in and out can help you refocus your energy so that you can act rationally

Emotional signals

Most people think of fear as the instigator to the “fight or flight response” Few know that this is also a response to anger. If you find yourself not being able to just let something go or running away when things go awry, you may be letting your emotions get the best of you.

Go below the feeling of your response to anger to see how your feelings affect you. Does your anger make you feel guilty or ashamed?  Or does it empower you? Once you understand the result of your anger, you can learn how to control it before it starts to control you.