Aspects of Being and the Law of Attraction


There’s an old adage, “You are what you think.” It’s true, but only to a point. Thinking is just one of many pathways of energy.

By itself, positive thinking is not quite enough to alter reality. The path towards the life we want is a slower and more uncertain route. We may not have all the information required to make a right decision, so we sometimes just think the wrong things. Other times, we think we truly want something, but when we actually get it, we realize it was something else that we wanted!

People are more than just their cognitive abilities. We are immortal and infinite spiritual beings that are having physical experiences. Emotional and sensory feelings precede thinking. People don’t learn to think cognitively until we’re about 18 months old. But we feel long before that—before birth, in the womb.

Feelings are the secret ingredients when it comes to manifesting our reality. And feelings are often missing from general information regarding the Law of Attraction. Our Spirits direct our feelings, while our Souls compel us to seek situations that will allow our rejected and blocked feelings to surface.

So how can we get what we truly want out of life? How can we attract what we want? We need to learn to utilize all four aspects of our being.


Think positive thoughts. Acknowledge the darkness, but don’t dwell on it. Be realistic, but don’t focus on negativity. Dark thoughts have power, so try not to place undue attention on them or amplify them.


Take action physically to achieve your dreams. Everyone can dream fantastic and beautiful story lines about how they want their lives to unfold. But taking actual and correct physical action to manifest those dreams is absolutely necessary. You have to work out the physical details that you can carry out, and then do them. Analyze your plan, monitor how things are going, and as needed, tweak your plan as you go.


Meditate on your desired manifestation at a deep and relaxed level of consciousness, without moving your body. Good times to do this are when you first wake up or right before you go to sleep.

Ask questions of your spirit. The answers will come to you. Listen to your spirit. It’s the small and quiet voice that you really must focus on to hear. Your spirit rarely shouts out to you. This usually will happen only if you’re facing a life-or-death situation or if you might be seriously injured. You will learn to relax into yourself and into your newfound state of being.


There’s a lot of power in emotions, and it’s often not accessed in manifesting what we want. Pay attention your feelings and use them to channel your emotional energy towards manifesting what you want. Follow your passions. If helping people makes you feel good, then focus on your feelings of altruism and compassion and let them drive you. Or use your feelings to become more attuned with people so you can help them more effectively.

You have the power to choose and manifest what you want your life to be. Choose wisely, and then work towards your dreams using as many aspects of your being as you can. Stop wasting time—you can start right now!