Astral Project In 6 Easy Steps


Humans are merely spirits having a physical experience, so there is much more how we process stimuli than just our five senses.  When we develop our sixth sense, or extrasensory perception (ESP) we can reconnect to our higher self.  You can hone ESP by practicing mediation, dream analysis, and manifestation practices.  Below we have compiled some tips to get your started today.

Understanding Astral Projection

Astral projection is the mindful awareness of your consciousness transcending your body and your soul entering the spiritual realm.  During astral projections, expect to see your own body as your spirit hovers above it! This is nothing to be scared of, as your can re-enter your physical form at any time.

Benefits of Astral Projection

When you astral project, you are able to see beyond the material world into the fullness of the universe and spiritual plane.

Some common benefits include:

  • Learning more about humanity
  • Freeing your soul
  • Taking a “vacation” from the physical world
  • Seeing time as non-linear
  • Processing the value of life
  • Honing your intuition

How to Safely Practice Astral Projection

Select a space where you best feel your physical body can be safe and completely relaxed as well as free from interruption.  Set a clear intention to reap the biggest benefit.

Step 1: Recite an Affirmation

Having a positive phrased intention like one of the following will place you in a healthy mindset

  • “I will astral project”
  • “I can astral project with ease”
  • “I embrace a higher plane of consciousness”
  • “When I safely return to my physical body, I will possess a greater understanding of [your intended question or goal].”

Step 2: Relaxation

Get yourself into a relaxed position.  Pay attention to your breath and body as you would during meditation.  As your muscles relax, notice any sensation within your body, how are these feelings different now.  Let your eyes fall heavy, and let your mind enter a deeper brainwave pattern.  Keep your body still, but all your thoughts to be fluid and drift.

Step 3: Enjoy the Higher Vibration State

Your mind will now be somewhere between half-sleep and half conscious.  Your body is in a trace state, preparing you to astral project.

Step 4: Visualization

Envision a spiritual rope attached to your body.  It may stem from your navel or your crown chakra.  This cord connects your soul to your body.  Although you may only now be aware of its existence, this cord is omnipresent.  Pay attention to its size, weight, thickness, shape, and movement.  Claim its existence and grab onto it, pulling your soul away from your physical body.

Step 5: Experience

Notice a sense of peace as your drift out of your body.  You will be conscious of floating during this out-of-body experience and growing further and further from your physical body, through space and into the spiritual dimension.  Astral projection is unique for every person.  Some may encounter their spirit guides or deceased loved ones.  Others can access Akkashic records or have a past life regression.  All are natural experiences.

Step 6: Return to Earth

When you are ready to end your astral projection, you may either automatically reenter your body, or gradually journey back into it.  Earlier projections may be shorter and people commonly re-enter their body from excitement.  Regardless, process your adventure and share your insights with loved ones.  Journal your experience and prepare to try again sometime soon.  Embrace the spiritual wisdom you gain, as astral projection helps to grow knowledge of universal wisdom for all people.