Change Your Life For The Better


  Have you ever drifted through life feeling that you’re helpless? Or maybe you’re in state we’re you have no where to run to? Do you frequently find yourself rifled with insecurity and too much uncertainties? Has despair lodged itself within your mind and thus rendered you powerless? It’s so easy to give into this state! However, there are several tips and tools to help you feel like you’re being an active force in your own life. You just have to learn how to handle fear first.


One of the biggest factors to feeling powerless is an overwhelming undercurrent of fear. It has slight variances such as anxiety, doubt, and depression. Sometimes it can be confusing to pinpoint exactly which emotion is at the forefront, but it always boils down to fear. Fear is extremely crippling. It has a very nasty habit of bringing your focus to the exact wrong place and thing.


Something was said to me by a great professor of mine and it has stuck with me to this day. “What conquers fear? It is action.” Stop focusing on the broad spectrum of “I don’t know what the problem is or how to even begin to fix it!” Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. You’re looking too generally at the problem. Instead, you need to focus hard and look deep within. Analyze your behavior and the instinctual feelings within. Invite change into your life.

Start With Small Changes

Change can be terrifying. It can be daunting. And it can be earth-shattering too. In order to get what you seek, you need to change your status quo. This can mean you need to shift things on a small scale or even a big scale. I find it’s best to start small.

For example, if you want a promotion at work, try shifting your attitude. Add more positivism to your interactions and duties. Try focusing on mastering one task before you move on to another. Each day and week, grant yourself a small and attainable task to increase your awareness and productivity. You will feel better about yourself with each accomplished task and your positivity will become infectious. Take opportunities to learn and develop!

Just Take Action

Doing something is better than nothing. You’ll find that when you are in the deepest throes of anxiety and fear, if you take action even in the smallest form, it will help. Don’t just sit there and complain; become more active. This applies to all situations—work, love and relationships, well-being and finances. Big pictures can be scary, but focusing on those little increments will help you move forward. Small steps may seem underwhelming, but with each step you’re getting more comfortable with making steps, and you’re more likely to grow. It may be slow going for a while but soon you’ll be able to look back and notice how far you’ve come. Accomplishment breeds confidence and it’s beautiful because regardless of everything, you have progressed and that should be acknowledged and commended!


Journaling is something that is incredibly simple and personal. Write your thoughts freely—no judgements. Literally transcribe every inclination or thought onto paper or keyboard. Let yourself and your mind go without any filter. This exercise is incredibly revealing, and not only cathartic, but poignant in pinpointing exactly what you feel. Every fear, hope, dream, joy, sorrow, regret, and frustration will make itself known. Writing in a journal is perhaps the most efficient and effective mode of self-discovery and reflection that we possess as humans. And its value as a discerning tool is irrefutable. So go to town on that journal. Flush out negativity and start yourself on the right track towards progress.


Without acknowledging (and thus accepting) the growth and power in your life, you will not be able to sustain any progress you’ve made on your journey. Understand that you must be the example you wish for yourself. How can you hope to have all that you want if you are unwilling to reciprocate? Life is never a one-way street. Giving and taking are imperative. Take a second to understand that at any moment you could be back at square one. Concede the improvements that have come into your life, and honor your advancement beyond your previous status or situation.

Inner Reflection and Active Thought

Empowerment is not something that magically happens for us. But the good news is that it is something that everyone can experience and maintain. All it takes is some inner reflection and active thought. This world is far too dark and chaotic at times. But I want to let you in on a secret: Everyone is a brilliant light. All they have to do is flip their switch on!