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The Different Kinds of Astrology

Astrology is a science that studies the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually planets, sun and stars have on human lives. It is based on the premise that the position of the sun, stars, planet and moon at the time of people’s birth shape their personality, predict their career graph, affect their romantic relationships and also foretell their economic fortunes. Many cultures and race adapted astrology and use it to what they believed is the most accurate way. These led to many different types of psychic astrology today. Here are some of those types.

images (2)Chinese Astrology – Chinese developed their own system in astrology based on their ancient traditions and principles. The peak of Chinese Astrology’s development was during the Han Dynasty around the 2nd century BC. The principle behind the Chinese Astrology is the fluidity between the heaven, the earth, and the water. The Chinese strongly believe in the principles of yin yang, which is balance.

Electional Astrology – This is the type of astrology that talks about time. It helps seeker know the best time for a certain event to take place. Electional Astrology can be best used on weddings, and other important events in one’s life. Electional Astrology gives insights on when to do or when an event should take place to reap the optimum benefits and most desirable outcome.

Horary Astrology – Horary Astrology is a branch of horoscopic astrology on which the psychic base his answer on when the question is received. There is an argument on the practice of Horary Astrology because of the development of technology that makes the seeker and the psychic have different times. There are those who said that the location of the psychic should be used while others claim that it should be of the seeker’s.

download (1)Indian Astrology – Indian Astrology has three branches: the Indian, Mundane, and the Predictive Astrology. Indian Astrology is the traditional one and has the most general approach. Mundane Astrology is the branch that predicts broader events such as wars, natural calamities, crisis, and political events. Predictive Astrology on the other hand tackles the more detailed queries. Indians pay great respect to their Astrology as the names of their children are mostly based on their astrological charts.

Natal Astrology – Natal astrology is all about the person’s date and time of birth. This type of astrology strongly believes in the connection of astrology and birthdate. The personality of a person and his fate are determined with the use of a Natal Chart. There are many things that a psychic astrologer reads in a Natal Chart. He must consider the position of the sun and moon on the different houses in a year. This will give him the ability to provide a more detailed psychic reading.

images (3)Western Astrology – Western Astrology is concentrated on a person’s date of birth.

This type of astrology uses a horoscopic chart. This chart is divided to twelve sectors.

Western astrology uses the exact time and date of a person’s date of birth to predict his future, his personality, and to which type of individuals he will more prosper with.

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