Flower to Increase Your Psychic Gifts and Intuition

Water Lilies

There are flowers that are different that can help to increase the psychic gifts and intuition that you have. These flowers have different names and abilities and can help to make you stronger.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies are flowers that can connect you with your psychic gifts and can help to protect you and can bring unity to your life. You can use this as a mist or use it to cleanse your home.


This flower is one that can be warn and can help you to develop your psychic gifts. If you are looking to develop your gifts, then use this flower when you do.

Queen of the Night

This is a flower that can help you to interpret your dreams. This can help you to develop your intuition and help you to grow.

Angel’s Trumpet

The intuition that you have can increase with this flower. You can work on your shadow self, and you can see that your desires can grow. You will have more psychic gifts and you can connect with the energies around you.


This is a flower that can help you to grow and help your intuition to grow. This can help you to heal if you have past hurt and it can help you to work through situations that are hard to deal with.

Tree Spider Orchid

If you doubt yourself, you can grow and learn how to believe in yourself more. You will increase your intuition and it will help you to have trust in yourself. You will be able to keep your secrets safe with these flowers.


This is a flower to increase your psychic gifts. It can help to bring you luck and help you to get rid of toxic energies. This flower gets rid of evil spirits.

Himalayan Blue Poppy

This is a flower that can help you to develop your gifts. It works well outside of its environment, and it will help you to find the abilities that you have that are hidden. You can have clarity with this flower.

Red Clover

Red Clover is a flower that is balanced and can bring balance to your energies. It will increase your psychic gifts and help you to be more aware. It can get rid of negativity and help you to increase yourself love.

Pitcher Plant

This flower can ground you and can increase your intuitive skills. It can give you insight and help you to deal with your goals and to reach the desires you have.