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Get Your Life Back Through An Inward Journey

              Are you feeling so tired with everyday problem? Do you feel that your head is about to blow up due to stress?  Have you ever taken a break from the outside world and turned inward? You can do it through meditation, yoga, journalism or any other method that gives you mental and emotional clarity and peace. When you go inward you discover new facets of yourself.

There are several signs you need to take an inward journey, but the following six are the most important. If more than one has cropped up in your life, chances are you are in immediate need of an inward journey. Here’s what to look for.

1. You’ve Developed a Negative Outlook on Life 
For whatever reason, you’ve lost your sunny outlook. This could be due to stress or a tense situation with someone in your life. Whatever the reason, it’s worth it to find the source and then work on overcoming your negative feelings. While it’s normal and natural to have negative thoughts and feelings from time to time, chronic negativity can wear you down and take a toll on your relationships.

2. You’re Fixated on an Issue From Your Past
The past can haunt you, no matter how many years or decades have gone by. If you can’t seem to break free from something you experienced in the recent (or distant) past, use your inward journey to go back in time. Try to understand what occurred—not as a means of wishing things could be different but as a way to glean a life lesson or a new outlook from it. The past can be crippling but once you overcome it, you can grow in new, unexpected directions.

3. You’ve Lost Your Motivation 
Perhaps you’re in the midst of trying to achieve some kind of goal, whether it’s going back to school, training for a marathon or starting a family. It’s easy to lose your motivation as rough patches and hurdles get in your way. However, rather than giving up, even if that’s what you really want to do, go within to regain your resolve.

4. You’re Unfulfilled 
Whether it’s your job, your relationship or just the monotony of life, some aspect of your existence may make you feel like something’s missing. However, turning inward can help uncover what it is that’s falling short of your needs and help guide you toward ways you can regain fulfillment. Use your inward journey to practice conversations that will help remedy these situations. This is particularly important if someone in your life is contributing to this feeling of unmet expectations.

5. You’ve Experienced a Major Life Change 
When you experience change—a breakup, a death, the birth of a child, a divorce—your whole life is shaken up. Often, you don’t have the time and space to process these changes and what they mean as they happen. However, when you can catch a break, take an inward journey to reflect on what this change means to you—now and in the years to come. As a result, you’ll discover new opportunities and reflect on how you can transform in the wake of this shift.

6. You Just Feel Stuck
Maybe there’s no particular event, situation or person that’s causing you to feel off—you just do. In this case, deep breathing exercises can guide you toward the root of the issue. Set aside some time to go inward and just see what comes up. You just might surprise yourself with what you uncover.

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