Getting the Best Psychic

Getting the Best Psychic

Once you have made the decision to consult a psychic, how do you pick the right one? The best way is to ask around and see who can give you a referral.  Your family and friends know you well and they may also know the right psychic to advise you. Not only is this a good way to find one who connects with you, it is also way to avoid any psychic scams.

Get a testimonial

Getting the Best PsychicOnce you have narrowed down your choice, check any information you can find from satisfied customers.  Reading a testimonial, just like reading a restaurant review, will let you know if the psychic is accurate and how they conduct a reading.  Check what people have to say about the clarity of the readings.  An accurate psychic is great, by one who can bring around a greater understanding is even better.

A big read flag is the lack of negative testimonials. It may seem counter intuitive, but it is impossible for any service or psychic to have no negative feedback at all. No negative feedback on a site means that someone has done some very heavy editing.  Lack of negative feedback is just a form of false advertising.

Alternative healing and new age shops

Another source for finding a psychic is a New Age Shop.  Some of these rent space to psychics or healers who are available for consultation at the very least, the will have some information to guide you.  Most New Age venues are run by people who truly want their clientele to have a good experience.  Still, if you are unsure, it doesn’t hurt to ask if a psychic gives a short, reduced cost reading. This would be a good way to see if a particular psychic is a good fit for you.

Finding a good phone psychic

If you are new to consulting a psychic getting a phone reading would be a good place to start.  A reputable phone psychic will be willing to provide you with a short, low cost reading to see if you are a good fit before you commit to a longer reading.  Just remember that it is completely unfair to expect a refund after you have listened to a full reading.

Each psychic has their own speciality. Some are mediums who can communicate with those who have passed on.  Some use tools such as Tarot cards, astrology and the I Ching.  It is important to pick a psychic who best meets your needs.   A reputable psychic will  tell you what tools the use and if the are able  to give you the kind of service you would like.

Find an experienced psychic

It is important to pick a psychic who has some experience.  Psychic ability is a gift, and most good psychics have been working to develop and hone their skills.   Find one who has been practicing the kind of reading that you want and need. Before you start looking, ask yourself what you really want and need.  If you want a general reading, astrology or birth charts are a good place to start.  If you want more specific advice, find someone who is experienced with the Tarot.

A psychic is just the messenger

When you have narrowed down what you want from a psychic, clear away your expectations.  The psychic will be able to read your energy and you should be relaxed and willing to hear  what the psychic has to say.  If you hear something that you didn’t expect or want to hear, remember that the psychic is just a means of conveying the message.  Your psychic’s honesty and willingness to tell you the bad as well as the good is its own endorsement.

Remember a reading is just information. It is your right to listen to it and process. You don’t have to take any action. Information is not a command.  A good psychic will tell you both the good and the bad.   You must also realize that no matter how good a psychic is, it is important to be openminded and that no one is one hundred percent right all of the time.

Trust your instincts

It is only natural to be a bit nervous when you meet with your psychic. But if you can’t get past your discomfort. your own intuition may be trying to tell you something. This means you will need to go to another psychic.  This does not  mean you should go in with a skeptical mind.  This will close your energy and you will not get an accurate reading.

Remember, no matter what your needs are, you are looking for a good connection between you and your psychic advisor.  A good reading will be accurate and up-lifting. It will also encourage you to look within yourself and give you some sense of direction as you search for a solution.