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How can you tell the difference between a real psychic and a false one?

As hard as it is to believe, some people pretend to have psychic ability to cheat people out of money.  While this is daunting, the majority of those with psychic ability are truly willing to help and have genuine ability. Here a few signs to help you discern the differences.

A false psychic will not be able to give you details that you haven’t shared with them.

How can you tell the difference between a real psychic and a false one?Someone with real ability will be able to tell you things about yourself. A false psychic will not be able to. A fake will not be able to give specific incidences about yourself, in fact they will appear to be guessing whereas a real psychic will  appear to know things and will easily be able to tell you.

Fake Psychics will do a cold read of you.

The cold reading is what a false psychic will use to get information by asking leading questions and physical observations.  They will then give you that information back to you. They may also make a generalization about you that could apply to anyone to gain your trust.

Curse removal

A psychic who is a fraud may tell you that you are besieged by negative energy or are cursed.  They will then offer to remove it for a fee that can be upwards of a thousand dollars. This is an age-old scam.  This is an easy game to play because almost everyone has a stretch of bad luck that they would like to blame on something else.  A real psychic will use your energy to empower you.

Too many predictions

Because a fake psychic doesn’t have any real power, they do not want to give you any real information. They would rather make broad predictions than give you insight into your present

The above is a guideline for ferreting out a false psychic. Don’t despair, there are many people with a real gift who truly want to help.  Take your time and find one. Just be aware that there are frauds out there.

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