How to do a Spiritual Cleansing

How to do a Spiritual Cleansing

How to do a Spiritual CleansingA spiritual cleansing is important when you want to heal your energy.  The spiritual blockage can cause you to have sicknesses and to be tired and emotionally drained.

When you are experiencing things in life that are causing you to focus on things that shouldn’t be important, you have to recognize that in order to be physically and mentally healthy, that you have to make sure that your spiritual being is strong and secure.  It is in your body that you will experience spiritual change and you will have a body that is always part person, but your spiritual self is also part of it.

Aura and Energy

Inside of your spiritual space is your human aura and it is full of energy that will surround your body.  Even if you are aware of this or not, it is there and the thing is, your aura shows what is going on in your spiritual and physical body.

The spiritual body will absorb the energy that other people surround you with and this can cause your aura colors to change, based on the way their energy affects you.  If you are not cleansed and you have been around a lot of negativity, chances are that you are going to have a dull aura and you are going to be weighted down by negative energy that is surrounding you.

This energy that surrounds you can take part of your being and can cause you to be unhealthy in your body and your mind.

The function of your aura is to help to protect you from negative energies that are around you.  When these energies come, this is called a psychic attack.  This is when you come in contact with negative energies at some point or another.

Your aura is like a sticky sheet, it will pick up the energies around you and the energies will become attached to you.  Since energy is everywhere, without your aura, you would have to face these energies full on and you would have these energies sticking to you without protection.

As you go throughout your day, your aura will work to protect you from the negative energies, but as they stick to you, the energies can get stuck in your own aura.  As time goes on, the negative energy can begin to build up and your aura will get weaker and not be able to defend you as well.  Since your aura cannot shake off these energies, it needs to be cleansed.

When a spiritual cleansing happens, you can get rid of some of these negative energies and keep your aura bright and healthy.

Where Does Negative Energy Come From?

Energies are around you everywhere you are.  They can be in your home, workplace or you can pass them when you walk by people.  Some of the energies are positive energies and these energies are good for you.  You get positive energies when you are around people that have been kind to you or supported you through your life.

Some of the energies are not positive or negative and they come from earthbound spirits.  Even though these aren’t negative energies, they will have a negative impact on your aura and can cause you to have some dark times.  There are dark spirits that want to steal your positive energy and want to challenge and disrupt your life.


Everyone comes in contact with different energies during the day.  You don’t have to be a physical or psychic healer in order to heal your energies.  If you are around a group of people that have been arguing, they will leave their negative energies stuck to your energy field and you have to learn to prevent this.

You have to surround yourself with positive energy of peace and happiness.  If you use public transportation, you will meet many different energies.  Some people will be happy, while others are sad or frustrated.  You will get a piece of their energy as well.

If you work at a place where things are not good, you might pick up negative energy all day.

When you meet your friend or a stranger that is angry and upset, you might get these emotions caught in your aura and if you are angry, you will send energy to other people’s aura that is negative.

Your aura is not able to block all of your energies that you encounter and even though your aura does a good job fighting off many of the negative energies that you have, you will still more than likely feel some of the impact of them.

You will know that someone is angry or upset when you walk into a room.  Your aura will try to protect you from the negative energy entering inside of you but sometimes the energy is so strong that some of it will come to you regardless.

Spiritual Cleanse

A spiritual cleanse is important so that you can get rid of the negative energies that are stuck to your aura and are affecting you.  This is as important as taking a shower or washing your hands.  This is especially important if you find that you have strong intuitive feelings or are sensitive to those around you.

When you have constant negative energy coming at you, in just a few days, the energy can build up and cause your aura to become dull.  This causes you to begin to experience negative emotions and these can build up.

When your aura is blocked with all of this negative energy, you will have your light dull and you will begin to feel weak, tired or upset.  You will lose interest in things you love to do.

Having a full aura will make it hard for you to make good changes in your life and will block the positive energy that you need.

If you don’t cleanse on a regular basis, you will become less and less sensitive to your own energies and you will not have the intuition that you need.  This can make it hard for you to get information that you need from your family, friends and even your spirit guides.

A simple cleanse can help to free your space and make you more positive.  When you do an energy cleanse, you are keeping your aura clean and releasing yourself from negative energies.  This allows you to let go of things and to help your aura to be bright again.

You don’t want your vibrations to get lower and you don’t want to lose your high frequency, especially if you are a healer.  You need to have your vibrations high so that you can do what you need to do for others.

A clean aura can make the positive energies to manifest in your life and can increase your energy and your defense.

Cleanse with Light

When energies become distorted and are absorbed in your aura, you have to do a spiritual cleanse.  This can be easy and be part of your normal routine.  You should cleanse at least once a day.  If you are healing people, you need to cleanse before each session.  It is important to make sure that you get rid of all of the toxic energy around you.

Anyone can do a spiritual cleansing and you do it by relaxing in a comfortable position.  Take deep breaths until you are centered, and you don’t hear noise around you.  Then, think about a bright light around you and going through you.

Know in your heart that this light is always there for you and your spiritual guide brings it to you.  Imagine the light touching you on the inside and outside.  Let the light flow through each of your cells and all through your body.

Let the negative energy be touched and absorbed by the light.  Release the light into the divine and let nothing but light be around you.

Once you finish, you can light a candle, burn sage, clap your hands, ring a bell or have a crystal in your hand to let the cleansing be complete.

Other Spiritual Cleansings

There are other things that you can do to cleanse your spirt and you can do this while thinking about a light waterfall, or by doing a salt bath.

When spiritual cleansing is important, it is also easy to do and can make you feel better immediately.  If you need help doing a spiritual cleansing, talk to a psychic and let them help you to cleanse your energies.


You should do a spiritual cleansing as often as you can.  Doing it daily is the best practice and you will see that you will be happier and healthier.   You will be able to feel love and handle changes that come in your life.  If you are able to surround yourself with positive light, you will see that you are living life to the fullest and that you are reaping the good that the universe wants to give you.