How to Get Rid of Old Energy

Get Rid of Old Energy

Have you ever found that you have become judgement or rude? Did you feel that you have become a stranger and you feel that the people around you have begun to point it out to you? Maybe you had not really realized it but that everything in life has had you drained and has caused you to be someone that you didn’t realize.

Maybe you have new skills, and you are realizing that you have been on a long spiritual journey where your gifts are developing. Chances are that you have energy that is always changing. This can affect what you believe and how you act. This energy inside of you is always running and when you are mediating and you need to clear things out of your life, you can learn to ground yourself and learn to do self-healing.

Your chakra system is there to help you to know when you are balanced and when things are off.


Energy is in everything. Every living and non-living things has energy and has a vibrational frequency. This energy comes and goes through yourself and the things around you. Having light means that you have love and darkness can be fear. When you attract people and things to your life, they usually are matched by your vibrational frequency.

The frequency that you are vibrating at has to do with your energy. The energy that you have can be either joy or insecurity. It can be peace or sadness. The energy that you have is always coming from a place of truth.

When you have a shadow block in your life, it can cause you to have to face difficult times. The vibrations of your energy might go down because of the darkness that has come to you and this can cause you to experience pain and hurt.

The energy is around you and inside of you and when you think of running energy, you have to understand that your chakras are like a wheel of energy that is always spinning. When your chakras are balanced, you will feel healthy and you will not be experiencing pain in your body or your emotions. Your emotions will be strong, and you will be happy.

You need to exercise your mind, body, and soul in order to make sure that your system is running smoothly. Get out any negative energy out of your chakra system and ask your inner being when you need to have answers. This voice can help you through your life journey and even in your relationships.

Running Energy

Running energy is healthy just like running in the physical body can make you strong. You can practice running energy by making sure that you are being clear in what you want and making sure that you take time to be grounded.

Focus on your energy and learn to commit yourself to running your energy. You can do this at home or wherever you are.

At first you might not feel anything and then you might see that you have a little bit of change. This will be gradual, but you will feel the benefits of it.

Grounding Yourself

You have to learn to be grounded in order to see things happen good in your life. Being grounded means that you are able to get your mind, body, and emotions in check.

Grounding Cord

You can sit on the ground and put your feet flat on the floor. Imagine a light that goes from your chakra to the earth.

Seventh Chakra

The seventh chakra goes from your head and all the way down the spine.

Call the Spirit

You need to say your name out loud and ask your spirit to come home.

Grounding Cord with the Feet

Look at the chakras in your feet and imagine a light going from your feet to the roots.

Earth Energy

Once you have the cords on your feet, you can use the cords to pull the energy up from the earth. This energy will come to you from your feet to your head and will fill you up with energy. The energy will hit your layers and you will feel it all over your body.

Once your filled with energy, you will be grounded. This will cover your arms, legs, and body.


You have to forgive those around you, and you can use this energy in your body as well. As the energy comes in, it will help you to reach your highest good and will make you feel better than ever. Forgive and be grounded.

Energy Running

When you are grounded, you can pull the energy all through your chakra and throughout your body. This will help to get rid of things in your life that are blocking you and holding you back. Allow this to wash through you and your energy will go outwards as well.

Cosmic Energy

The energy that travels through you will ground you. The cosmic energies will come next and will go downward through your chakras. This will travel from your body to the earth and it will run through your body.

Make sure that you imagine a royal blue color going through you to reach your chakra system. Use a neon blue in order to have a clear mindset.

Use the color green to change your body and to heal.

Let gold go through you to give you love and understanding.

Replace the Cord

Once you do the healing you have to replace the cord. You have to get rid of the old cord and replace it with a new one. Once you release the cord, imagine a rose going into the ground and rooting itself. This is a symbol of love and forgiveness.

Allow light to follow you and put the old grounding cord into the rose and let it explode around you. This will allow you to be renewed and to continue on your journey in peace and harmony.