How to Honor Your Spiritual Covenant

Spiritual Covenant

Spiritual covenants are sacred contracts that each person agrees to before they’re born. As your covenant is being developed, your spirit guides let you choose from among many potential scenarios. Your choices then become the basis of fulfilling your spiritual covenant.

The essence of your spiritual covenant generates energy and arranges interactions in foundational areas of your life that you’ll be drawn to and experience, such as romantic interests, friends, family, professional colleagues, and other significant relationships. But spiritual covenants are not limited to the relationships in your life. They also involve experiences you’ll have related to finances, health, struggles with blockages and obstacles in your life, and fears you may have.

There are so many scenarios you’re here to experience in every aspect of your unique and amazing life. Whatever your spiritual covenant includes, remember that you’ve made the choices to mature and learn. Free yourself to do that. These aspects are crucial to staying on the right path to prioritize your spiritual growth and honor your covenant.

  • Keep your choices positive and simple.
  • Set goals and maintain your focus on them. This may seem difficult at first, but when you see how easy things start happening for you, this will become second nature.
  • Situate yourself in an environment that includes the support and love of the people around you. This serves to encourage you and free you to follow your heart.
  • Invest the needed energy and time in yourself and your life. This will prevent you from getting caught up in other people’s problems and dramas and make a significant difference in your life.

You make achievements and reach your goals due to your self-discipline and your desire to strive for the things that make your heart sing no matter what other people say or think about you. They keep you committed to working to fulfill your spiritual covenant.

Back on the Right Path

In contrast, are you instead living a life in which you constantly wonder what’s going to go wrong next, why things aren’t working out, why you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again? If you answered “yes,” you’re probably off your ideal life path. You’re walking a path somebody else wants you to benefit them, or walking a path because you feel others want you to walk it.

Whatever the reason, you’ll face unnecessary struggles in life if you continue to resist and attempt trying to avoid the experiences and opportunities that were destined to help you fulfill your spiritual covenant. But resistance and avoidance don’t necessarily have to end in disaster. It can actually be an effective wake-up call to make you aware of your true needs and wants and set you back on the right path to go with the flow and enjoy all of the experiences, rather than go against it and trip over every obstacle along your way!

Life isn’t supposed to be a constant struggle. Spiritual connections draw people from all directions to one meeting point. We sometimes move in a positive direction, but sometimes we make poor choices and move in the wrong direction. Striving to reach your heart’s desire in every aspect of your life is a winning scenario no matter the outcome. But if you get distracted, you’ll become physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted as you stray further from your spirit’s optimal path.

There’s a universal law that allows us to rise above difficult and defeating times if balance is maintained and understood. The balance is evident in thoughts, words, feelings, and deeds. Attentiveness plays a crucial role in your progression. Consider all of the “what-if’s” and potential scenarios you encounter in your everyday thoughts and worries. You may receive a valuable answer to a spiritual question while walking past strangers who are having a conversation. These signs abound in everyday life, and you’ll start noticing them once you stop fighting against your spirit’s intended direction.

When you start going the right way, forging ahead and overcoming whatever blocks your path, your spirit will sing. People who know you will want to know what you’re doing differently, because you’ll be reveling in the abundance of financial gain, receiving recognition or a promotion in your professional realm, meeting new people and widening your friendship circle, and manifesting people you’re destined to connect with into your life. You’ll also be drawn into chosen experiences of other people and will discover that you’re an important component of other people’s desires and dreams. This allows them to honor and fulfill their spiritual covenant.

Practice focusing on your dreams and desires. When people feel good, most things they’re anxious about will work themselves out. How often do you stress about your finances when you’re relaxed and doing things you enjoy? How often do you lose sleep over things that were bothering you, only to discover that they didn’t come about? Not only did you waste energy, but you wasted it by focusing on negative things.

Practice focusing on positives—things that are going in the right direction and new positive opportunities you want to experience—and maintain that focus. Let it be known that old fears and beliefs are no longer welcome in your life. This raises your energy to a higher, more positive vibration and clear positive space for new, soul-nourishing experiences in your life.

Trust yourself and set off in the direction that feels right. Work smart and be true to yourself, and your life will settle into a comfortable balance as long as you allow it. Maintaining this balance is not as difficult as you may believe. You did choose this path for your life. Make the most of it and enjoy it!