How to Know if Your Aura is Leaking


Are you an empath and you have tried different things to be stronger such as grounding or other protective things, but you find that it is not helping you? Maybe you even find that you are being affected more in your emotions when you are by someone negative than ever before.

Chances are that if you are having these problems, you might have a leaky aura.

Empaths are people that often have leaky auras because they have to deal with so much emotion when dealing with people. When an empath is around people a lot, they need to be protected and they need to make sure that they are safe in their energy levels. Empaths are very sensitive, and they pick up energies easily.

If you are someone that is an empath, chances are that your aura is full of negative energy. When this happens over and over again, it can cause your aura to get a hole in it which can cause leaky aura syndrome. This can cause you to have more pain and stress than you have ever had. This can cause you to be overwhelmed anytime you are in a bad environment.

As an empath, chances are that you have been sensitive your whole life. This means that your body is not as strong as other people. This can lead you feeling negative and weak, and it can cause your aura and other things around your body to be affected.

Your aura is there to protect you and keep you safe. It is where your feelings and your thoughts go because of the Law of Attraction. When you use the Law of Attraction, whatever you are feeling, and thinking will come to you, and you will not have much control over this when you are an empath.

Empath’s often struggled to protect themselves from their environment and to keep their vibrations up.

Even if your aura is not leaking, you will pick up the energies of those that you are around. These people that connect with you will leave you feeling positive or negative. When they are negative, they will cause your mood to become dark, and they will leave this dark energy with you. As an empath, when you deal with large amounts of negativity, it can cause the aura to leak.

The aura is around you like a shield. It is there to keep your energy strong and to help to get negative energy from reaching your body. The aura is full of both negative and positive energy, whatever energy comes your way.

When you have an aura that is leaky because of the energy of other people, the energy will come to your body and will break through your aura. This can happen and develop over time, and it can cause you to get sick.

One problem that can cause your aura to get damaged is because of the energy that you experience. Some people that are empaths will have a receded aura. This can happen when people hurt you, reject you or when you are not protected from negative energy.

This can cause you to want to be invisible and cause you to not be able to hold your intentions. This can cause the aura to recede, and it can make you want to stay away form people for a while.

When the aura gets smaller, it causes your energy field to not protect you and it can cause you to withdraw or become introverted and weak. It will leave you feeling lost and broken.

An aura that is leaky is bad because it allows the energy to absorb in your body. This can cause you to be toxic and to have toxic relationships. It can cause you not to take care of yourself. This kind of aura will actually attract more negativity than you are even used to.

One of the biggest signs that your aura is leaking is when you feel bad whenever you are around anyone. You feel negative right away and this can cause you to have negative feelings in your mind, body, and soul.

When you have a leaky aura, it has to be healed. You have to find out why this has happened, and you have to fix the problem. When you have too much energy, it can cause your aura to overload, and it can cause you to be unbalanced. If you have tried different ways to heal, you need to find out where your weakness is and fix that first.

Your mind, body and spirit are all one and when any part of your being becomes unbalanced, it will cause other problems in your life. Your leaky aura can cause you to have a hard time in life and you have to figure out what has caused it so that you can heal it.

Here are some symptoms of a leaky aura:

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed just being around anyone.
  • You go to places, and you get tired and moody.
  • You pick up the energy of others right away.
  • You have low energy.
  • Your mind is foggy.
  • You have aches and pains in your body.
  • Your energy is cloudy.
  • You don’t feel motivated to do anything.
  • You don’t want to be around people.
  • You are tired all the time.
  • You feel sickly.
  • You let people’s ideas hurt you.
  • You are not apathetic to others.
  • Your mood is always shifting.
  • You get upset no matter what.
  • You are diagnosed with a chakra imbalance.
  • You feel that you don’t know your energy.
  • You dream violent dreams.
  • You get irritated by people standing close to you.
  • You are uncomfortable all the time.

If you feel any of the symptoms above, then you might have a leaky aura. You need to make sure that you talk to a psychic to help you. You have to get your aura fixed and stronger so that you can be safe and protected.

Find ways to balance your chakras and your aura and to get rid of some of the negativity in your life. If you are an empath, you can take the power in your hands and find your strength back. Do not ever give up.