How to Overcome Doubt and Be Strong

Overcome Doubt and Be Strong

It is a normal thing to have doubt when you have to face things that are hard. Having self-doubt means that you are not sure of yourself, and this is something everyone feels here and there. When this gets to the point though where you cannot function and get things done because of self-doubt, you have to do something about it.

Self-doubt can come from different attachment styles that you had that were negative in your past or it can be insecure attachments that you had. Maybe someone put you down for what you did, and this can cause you to question your worth. You might also feel pressured by society to be something, and it might make you fearful of doing something good.

Self-doubt can cause many things such as:

  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • No motivation.
  • Putting things off.
  • Not being stable in your emotions.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Having a hard time making decisions.

Imposter Syndrome

There is something called the Imposter Syndrome that is about self-doubt. This is a real term that means that even if you have been successful, it might make you feel that you are a fake. Sometimes this is a big diagnosis to women and minority groups.

The Imposter syndrome can cause you to not be brave and to miss opportunities because you have no courage, and you don’t think you are good enough.

The Imposter syndrome and self-doubt can play a negative role in your self-esteem. You can learn to be more confident in yourself if you try these things:


Learn to be compassionate with yourself. We all make mistakes, and we all have flaws. This means that we learn from them, and we grow. We can learn to face our failure and to be kind no matter what happens in our lives. Treat yourself like a friend and not the enemy.

Past Achievements

There are times where you have done good things. Remember these things. Reflect on the good things that you have done and embrace them.

Remember when there have been challenges that you have been able to accomplish and win at. Find this in yourself and stop doubting what you are doing in the now.

Do not focus on your past failures but concentrate on the good things you can do.

Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others. You will not be anyone else and you are who you are. Learn to be true to yourself and stop trying to do what everyone else is doing.

Embrace your feelings and take your own path in life.

Be Mindful

Pay attention to how you think about things. Are you constantly negative?  Learn to take negative thoughts and turn them into positive things.

Remember that when you shift your mindset, you can be more confident in what you do.

Support Group

Have people in your life that support you such as friends and family. Talk to them when you feel down. Tell them how you are feeling and let them help you.

Validate Yourself

Stop waiting for the world to give you worth and find your own worth. Embrace the good things that you do and be happy when you do something that is hard.

Have faith in what you do, and this will increase your confidence. Know that you have flaws, but you also have strengths.


Stop being such a hard critic to yourself. Treat yourself like you would a friend. Embrace yourself and learn to love who you are. Show yourself the compassion that you give to others.

Know Your Values

Figure out what your values are and embrace them. Having values gives your life meaning. When you know what your values are and you choose to keep them no matter what, it will show you that you have aligned yourself with your values.


Journal whatever you are feeling, especially if it is negative. This can help you to look at your feelings and to know what has caused them.

Get Help

If you feel that you cannot pull out of these feelings, go, and get help. There is nothing wrong with having a therapist and talking to someone. They can help you with your problems and help you to get over your self-doubt.

This can help you to improve your mood and it can help you to learn to face challenges that seem hard to you at the present time.