How to See Spirits

How to See Spirits

How to See SpiritsDuring Halloween time, you can see spirits better than other times because it helps to open the spiritual plane and can make communication to the spirits easier.

People will sometimes feel spirits, but they might think that someone is beside them when no one is there.  People who are on the earthy plane will sometimes dismiss their feelings that someone is near even when they don’t see or hear them, and this can be a big mistake.

There are ways that spirits can communicate with you and your feelings might be what is directing them to you.  There are different ways that spirits can be known to you and they can visit you different ways such as in dreams or daydreams.  Spirits might show themselves in different ways.

Some spirits will come with lights surrounding them or by making lights flicker.  These lights can flicker at different shades and then might stop.

You might see a real spirit in the form of a person.  Sometimes, they come when the lights are low and they might have a blackish or grayish texture.  You might be able to see them in different colors but usually when you see them it only lasts for a few minutes.

You might see spirits in your mind, and this can happen when you use your Third Eye chakra.  This is considered talking to the spirits and you do this through their energy.  You have to do this with your mind and not your senses.  The images might come to you as a flash or as an image.  Children that are younger might have an easier time to see and feel spirits because they are not afraid of them.

Soul energy is part of energy that you feel on earth and it is lost when we get older because we think we always have to rely on our senses to really see and communicate with something.

Temperature change is a reason that you might have a spirit by you.  Spirits have different vibrational frequencies, and this means the spirit can visit.  Sometimes, they take on a fuzzy looking shape and then it will disappear.

If you see shadows that you cannot really explain, you might have a spirit visiting you.  Shadow spirits are thought to be sent to you by spirits that are not able to get enough energy to be a real form.

If you smell something or hear a high-pitched noise, these could be followed by different lights and visions.

Spirits might show you that they are there, and you might smell something that is familiar to you when a loved one comes to communicate with you.

It is not always easy to communicate with spirits and it is not like television shows you.  Spirits that carry on real conversations with people normally don’t really come.  Spirits that are in other dimensions usually come as a light, a sound, a touch or even a smell but not normally in the form of a person.


Remember that you always have a chance to see or hear a spirit and you can open up your mind’s eye and allow yourself a chance to let them visit you.  Spirits can come for different reasons such as to warn you or to make you feel at peace.  Allow them to come to you and to visit you.