Karma That You Can’t Escape

Karma That You Can’t Escape

Karma is something that is already written in your present and future path because of the things that you have done in your life. If you are full of hate or you are hurtful to others, you are making your life harder for now and future lives.


Karma is something that you create in all things that you do, and this can come from past lives. People will do things that others don’t deserve and will hurt others in their lifetime and when this happens, they are building bad karma.

There are some things that you don’t want to have to repeat over and over again and if you do not learn a lesson, that is what you can expect in your future.

What is Karma

Karma is like a law of nature and it helps to balance the scales of good and bad. If you do something bad to someone, you will have bad karma come to you and if you do something good, it will come back to you.

This is something that you need to learn over your lifetime so that you can get out of karmic bonds and learn to sew good karma into your life. This can do with small things or big things and if something keeps happening to you over and over again, chances are you aren’t learning your lesson.

Karma and Love

If you have questions about your past life, get a reading. This can help you to know what you have done in your past life that has brought karma to you.

When you find yourself in repeated toxic relationships, chances are that you have built up negative karma in your life and you have to learn to cut the energy cords that deal with past karma. You need to learn to have unconditional love and forgiveness and this is one way to break the cycle.

Karma and Finances

Some people seem to have all the money they need while others never have enough. Maybe you were the richest person in your past life and you never had to work and you were bored. If that happened, then in this lifetime you will get to work hard because that is what you wanted.

You are now learning how to make it while struggling and actively seeking wealth. This can be interesting to see and see how your challenges and life is so powerful to who you are.

Karma and Health

Sometimes people get sick and it seems so unfair. Chances are that karma has something to do with this. This can be something that people have to go through because they need to learn to have compassion.

Sometimes a disability can open the eyes of someone that thinks that they are better than someone or that has made fun of someone. Whatever the case is, health can pertain to karma and it is important that you learn from it.


There are some situations where people are in that they could have done something different to make their karma better. Each person has their own circumstances in life and if you are seeking answers then you need to look at your past life and see what has happened.

If you think that you are paying back bad karma from what you have done in the past, get past life regression therapy and this can help you to know what you need to work on to balance the karmic scales.

If you think that you are having bad karma and you want to change your path, do good things. It is never too late to show love, compassion and caring to others. Do this and see that you bring good karma to your next life.