The Kind Of Energy You Are Showing To The World


       Are you wondering why you don’t seem to make friends that easily or cannot seem to hold down a serious relationship? Well… you may want to question the type of energy you are putting out there into the world. Personal energy and spiritual energy are basically the same energy, and some people describe them as giving off both negative and positive vibrations.

It is important to take a look within and explore your daily actions and motives to see if you are giving off the right vibes to others. Remember that you, just like everybody else in the world, cannot control the fact that you will encounter negative moments where you feel as though the world is coming down on you. Accept that it is normal, and it is ok. Here is how you can learn to give off a certain type of spiritual energy that makes people want to be around you and bond with you.

Cleanse Your Aura

If you feel as though you may be draining the positive vibrations from your friends and family because of your negative spiritual energy, maybe it is time to cleanse your aura. Start by taking some time for yourself and avoid all distractions such as technology or background noise.

Turn a part of your home into a spiritual sanctuary for yourself and place candles, incense, pillows and anything around you that makes you feel more at ease. Some people like to light sage as they cleanse their aura of negative activity. Make sure it is very quiet and ask yourself what troubles you. Why do you feel so dark and gloomy, and as though the world is out to get you? What is the fear that is driving all of this negative energy?

Once you can come to some conclusion about your worries and break it down to one single fear, you can work on it and take the negative power and steam out of it. Sometimes we tend to think the worst of a situation, worry about it for days and then carry it around on our shoulders. This anxiety can cause you to have negative spiritual energy and may prevent you from having close relationships with others.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Surrounding yourself with positive people and situations is imperative. If you spend most of your time with pessimists and individuals who possess a negative spiritual energy, chances are it will seep into your skin and stick with you at some point. Others will sense this energy in you and might even avoid you all together in the fear that they too, will catch it. If you haven’t been able to meet new friends lately or maintain any healthy relationships, you might be giving off negative vibes. Stop it in its tracks by placing yourself around positive people, places and things.

Do Something To Enlighten Your Life Experience

Whether it is a backpacking trip to trek the Inca Trail in Peru or joining a church community that has had positive reviews, do something that can add to your life experience in a positive manner. If you are holding onto negative spiritual energy, it will definitely leave you once you make some changes to your life path. Do anything that offers you enlightenment, adventure and emotional peace and you will be shining positive spiritual energy in no time.