Know Your Wedding Style According to Your Sign


drop-waist-vintage-wedding-gownYour love was written in the stars, but what about your wedding dress? Choosing what to wear on your big day may seem like a challenging task, finding the perfect style has never been easier. Because whether you know it or not, your signature style is influenced by your zodiac sign, and your attraction to tulle, lace, or cutouts runs deep.

Use this quick guide to see the different wedding styles of the zodiac.

An Aries wedding is all about excitement, so you’ll want to create a day that nobody will forget. You’re the zodiac sign most likely to choose an extreme wedding, perhaps scuba diving or in a hot air balloon. If you go for a more traditional venue, you’ll prefer somewhere modern and trendy, such as a nightclub, art museum or a hip hotel. Room for plenty of guests is an absolute must. Not one for tradition, you’ll incorporate surprises and drama into your big day.

The Taurus wedding is usually classic and elegant. For a venue, you’ll choose a beautiful home or a swanky hotel, with delicious food and wine for the reception. As a music lover, your wedding will feature a classical string quartet or a choir. You love the outdoors, but you’re too practical a girl to go for a wedding with unpredictable weather.

The Gemini wedding is a large affair, since you’ll invite everyone you’ve ever met. This means that your venue will need to be on a grand scale, but nothing too stuffy and formal. You’ll want plenty of light and airy space to dance, and have live music. Your ideas can run away with you all too easily, so it’s important that you keep an eye on your budget.

The Cancer wedding is often quite an intimate affair. You’re the sign most likely to hold a wedding reception in your back yard, or the local restaurant. If you choose a traditional venue, you can’t go wrong with a romantic estate, but wherever you hold your wedding you’ll aim for a nostalgic, historic or classic atmosphere.

The Leo wedding is a very stylish affair. You like a large guest list, and the venue simply has to be something special. For your once in a lifetime event, nothing less than the best will do, whatever the cost. Whether it’s a luxury hotel, a theatre, a gorgeous garden or a romantic lake, it will certainly be special. For gorgeous weddings on a grand scale, there’s nobody better than a Leo!

Chic, understated elegance is very Virgo. Classy hotels and quaint churches are your ideal venues, and you care about details like good photo spots and plenty of parking. You’ll want a venue with experience of hosting weddings, so that everything runs like clockwork. You’ll provide healthy food options for your guests, as well as lots of non-alcoholic drinks. Everyone will be made to feel welcome at your big day.

For a Libra wedding, its fairytale romance all the way. You wouldn’t dream of choosing a tacky venue, and you’ll want to be married somewhere airy, spacious and refined. Good music and good food are both very important to your reception. With so many guests you’ll need plenty of room too. You’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, and you’re very firm on all the details, including many flowers and thoughtful romantic touches of individuality.

Think drama, drama and more drama for a Scorpio wedding. From startling color schemes to unusual venues, the one thing a Scorpio bride’s wedding won’t be is “average”. An excellent wine list is a must as is a formal, sit down meal. When it comes to venues, Scorpios would rather have statement-making and intimate rather than bland and big. Keeping an eye on your budget will be tough. Scorpio doesn’t do anything half way so you’ll struggle with cutting corners.

Sagittarius is the typical rock-n-roll chick or sporty girl, so music or sports themes suit your wedding perfectly. You’ll enjoy incorporating ice-breaking games so that guests can get to know one another. You’ll do away with any traditions you fine meaningless or tiresome. Bright, bold, sassy colors are perfect, and buffet food means your guests can mix and mingle. If you can get married outside, so much the better!

Resourceful and ambitious, the Capricorn bride wants a wedding that screams luxury and status. You do love tradition, so your wedding will incorporate the usual elements with as many twists as you can muster. You’ll want an elegant, sophisticated venue, and preferably an old one too. Attention to detail is your strong point and everything will match. Think old Hollywood glamour.

images (1)AQUARIUS
As a freedom loving and non-traditional Aquarius bride, you’ll want your wedding to be unique. You don’t care how it’s “normally” done, and will invent wedding traditions as you go along. Your wedding will probably be a blend of different styles with many unique touches. You’ll definitely want to write your own vows. Guaranteed to be a memorable occasion, your wedding is unmistakably you.

The Pisces bride is in love with love. Your ideal wedding is a fairytale, complete with a castle, romantic carriage rides and poetic vows. You’d rather have an intimate wedding than a huge affair, so opt for somewhere that won’t overwhelm your smaller party. Fresh flowers, flowing gowns and shimmering fabrics are a must, as are doves, butterflies or other romantic symbols. Having said that, Pisces are the sign most likely to elope to a Las Vegas wedding chapel, just for the romance of it!