Knowing and Understanding an Empath

Knowing and Understanding an Empath

An empath is someone that has the ability to feel the emotions of other people and to be sensitive to the emotions and feelings of those around them. This can be hard for someone because they often don’t know if the emotions that they are feeling are theirs or if they belong to someone around them. Since they are kind and loving, they are people that are giving and are often healers.

Being empathetic is when you care about someone that is happy or someone that is sad but being an empath means that you actually feel what the other person is feeling.

Most people are able to empathize with others but not everyone is an empath. If you are someone that attracts people that need help in their life, chances are that you might be an empath.

Empath Traits

Here are some traits of an empath:

  • Very sensitive
  • Introvert
  • Strong senses
  • Love to give
  • Commit to others
  • Listens well
  • Takes care of themselves
  • Overwhelmed easily

How to Know If You are an Empath

Ask yourself these things to know if you are an empath:

  • Do people say I am too sensitive?
  • When someone gets hurt, do I feel it too?
  • Do my feelings get hurt fast and easy?
  • When I am out in big crowds do I get tired fast?
  • Can I handle stress, or do I overreact?
  • Am I afraid of intimate relationships?

If your answer was yes to these questions, then chances are that you are an empath.

Signs of Being an Empath

Here are some signs that you might be an empath:

  • You know things without having to ask questions. You can just tell what someone is feeling or thinking without them telling you.
  • You can listen to people and talk to them. You know what someone is saying, and you are able to be compassionate to what someone tells you.
  • You go in public, and you get overwhelmed by the emotions of others. This causes you to be anxious and to have stress.
  • You feel the emotions and even the pain of people that you come in contact with. You can tell their feelings and you are able to know what someone is feeling even if their body is in pain.
  • You have mood swings that happen when you are around people of different emotions. You can pick up these emotions fast and you don’t know where they come from sometimes.
  • You have a hard time watching the news or sad movies because they make you too emotional.
  • You find that you are sick all the time because you are picking up the sicknesses and diseases that other people have.
  • You are pulled to people that you can trust, and you are pushed away from people that you cannot trust.
  • You are always tired because you are not able to handle the emotions that you are always feeling. These emotions make you tired and you need to nap a lot.
  • You are addicted to things because that is the way that you can have peace from what you feel. This can be smoking or drinking.
  • You want others to be healed and you love to try new healing things.
  • You are drawn to animals that are sick or alone.
  • You are someone that wants to know the truth and you are drawn to people that tell the truth. You know when someone is lying.
  • You love the spirit world, and you want to belong to it and to actively pursue it.
  • You love to study different cultures and you are drawn to things that you don’t know a lot about.
  • You are interested in where you came from and your ancestry. You want to know what your family tree is like and what your past was like.
  • You can be quiet at times, and you make a great leader. You are able to motivate others and to think things through. You want peace all the time.
  • You are very talented and creative. You love art or singing, and you are able to design things.
  • You enjoy going for walks or hikes outside in nature and you love animals. Animals seem to come to you from nowhere.
  • You believe that water can cleanse the body and the soul. You love to swim and to take long baths.
  • You need to have time alone away form others. You don’t always want to be around people because you like to have your alone time.
  • You daydream and get distracted easily because you are focusing on other things. You have a hard time keeping up with tasks or you get bored easily.
  • You want to have adventures and you want to do things that you have never done.
  • You are sensitive to things when they are cluttered, and it makes you feel bad or tired. You have emotions wherever you are, and your environment matters to you.
  • You break all of the rules, and you are someone that wants to do things that they are told they cannot do.
  • You appreciate your life, and you are excited about what you see. You need to take time to rest because you don’t want to upset others when you aren’t available for them.
  • You love to have peace and you want to keep the matters of the heart strong. You want to solve all of the world problems.
  • You love antiques and you can feel things from them. You are sometimes able to know what happened to the person that had that object.
  • You have lucid dreaming, and it helps you to understand others and yourself sometimes.
  • You do not like to fight, and you want to be a lover and help others. You want to show yourself to others and give them love. You want to live in a place where people love and accept others.
  • You are a problem solver, and you create things. You love to sell things and give people what they love.
  • You forgive people even when they don’t deserve to be forgiven. When someone hurts you, it makes you sad, but you are fast to forgive even when they aren’t sorry.
  • You don’t like to stand up for yourself and you just want to walk way and keep the peace.
  • You give more things to others including your time than they give to you. People often take advantage of your goodness.
  • You don’t react big when something happens. When you get hurt or something bad happens, you take time to think things through before you speak. You don’t want to hurt someone, so you watch your words, and you make sure that you are being kind.
  • You nurture people but you don’t tell them that what they are doing is okay when it isn’t. You don’t enable people to do things that can hurt themselves.
  • You are told that you live in your head too much and that you don’t face reality. You are sometimes about yourself, but you sometimes need to have this so that you can escape the emotions that you face.
  • You have strong morals, and you believe that you should live a good life. You do not like to disappoint others and you will be someone that is sensitive and likes honesty.
  • You hate breaking up with others and ending relationships. You love others and you care about them, and you don’t want to hurt them. You sometimes end up in toxic relationships because of this.

Kinds of Empaths

Here are some different kinds of empaths:


These are empaths that are able to hear things and be clairvoyant and are empaths. They are able to hear and feel things and they know what someone is feeling and doing.


These empaths are very sensitive, and they are able to feel and connect with others before they even talk to them.


A physical empath is someone that picks up the feelings and emotions of others. They can even feel pain in their bodies if someone around them is sick.

Fauna Empath

This kind of empath can connect with animals, and they are able to know the energies and the emotions that the animal is feeling.


This is someone that can talk about the environment and loves plants and other things. They feel sad when the earth is not being taken care of.


A medium empath is someone that is an empath, and they can connect with the spirit world.


This is an empath that can feel the memories of things and they can know where an object comes from and what emotions are attached to it.


This kind of empath can tell the future and will know what is going to happen to someone that they are talking to.


A telepathic empath can read the minds of what someone is thinking and their feelings.

Struggles an Empath Faces

Here are some struggles that an empath will face:

  • Most empaths have a hard time in crowds and will often isolate themselves from others to have peace. They will not have many friends and do things alone.
  • They get hurt very easily and this means that they have a hard time being friends. They are often taken advantage of, and they have a hard time trusting.
  • They are very critical of their feelings and even though they are sensitive, they don’t understand why they always have to feel that way.
  • They feel that their emotions are not balanced and that they are not able to keep their life in control. They have a lot of stress and sickness.

Protecting Yourself as an Empath

You can protect yourself as an empath to stay strong and healthy:

  • Face your emotions and do not hide them.
  • Meditate as much as you can to keep your emotions in control.
  • Keep yourself safe from your sensitivities by being able to say no to others, limiting your socializing, eating good meals, not going to parties, asking people to not wear too much perfume, numb your emotions when they get too overwhelming, take time at home to have your own space.