Learning to Have Psychic Protection

Learning to Have Psychic Protection

You always need to protect yourself, especially if you do any kind of spiritual work. You need to make sure you are safe from spiritual influences that are negative.

There are different tools that you a use to make sure that you do not transmit the energy of negative spirits and you can do this by letting go of your fear, raising your vibrational frequency and to make sure that you are doing things that make you full of happiness and peace.

Take time to go out into nature and to listen to beautiful music in order to keep your vibrational frequency high or to increase it if it is low.

There are some simple things that you can do such as by having love and peace and by learning to love who you are. Stop negative things from coming into your life.

If a negative spirit is attracted to you, you can use your own energy to make that go away. Be courageous and do not be in a place of hate or unforgiveness.

Self Help

Just like we wear clothing to protect our body from the weather, and we take vitamins and other things to keep our immune system strong, it is the same thing that you do to protect your body and spirit.

The human is full of energy and this energy runs through your body and is a vibrating energy. This is part of your aura and it is there to protect you against negative energies that want to come into you or to cling onto you. This is one of the best ways that you are protected from attacks and these attacks can happen in the physical and spiritual world.

The aura is there to keep you strong and is like a bubble. But, the more negative energies that attach to the aura, the weaker that you will become and the less protection you have.

Keeping Your Aura Strong

The aura is like a shield of protection and it keeps your body, mind, and spirit strong. Here are some ways that you can keep it strong:

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Be active.
  • Use positive thoughts.
  • Train your mind to not speak negatively.
  • Use sea salts and bath salts when you shower to get rid of negative energies.

Negative Aura Energy

Things that happen to you and things that you do in your life can cause your aura energy to become weaker. There are things that will affect your aura and will cause it to become less protective such as:

  • Stress
  • Emotional baggage.
  • Feelings of fear or guilt.
  • Being hateful or having unforgiveness.
  • Using illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Smoking.
  • Being in poor health.
  • Getting surgery.


The aura is a shield that protects your energies, and it exists beyond your body and you cannot see it unless you are trained to. This is a thing that surrounds your body and many people do not know about the aura and they do not know what it is or that it is round.

The aura is there but science has no real proof of it but knows that the world is full of energy and that there are systems of energy all throughout the universe.

Some people question the ideas of physics and humanity but as things are becoming more discovered, we have to learn to protect ourselves more and to teach those that we care about such as our children about being protected and how important it is.

When everyone spends more time meditating and taking care of their aura, they can be stronger, and this is better practices than spending too much time watching television or playing electronics.

The aura is the most important part of your being for keeping you safe.

Hearing Voices

Some people have schizophrenia and hear voices, or they are paranoid and when they go to the doctor, the doctor cannot help them because they cannot explain what is going on.

Some people hear voices because they have a mental illness and there is no real explanation why people hear these voices. Most of the time there is treatment that is done with drugs and therapy and this can help people to get rid of these voices, but it can also cause them to be in a trance like feeling.

People that hear voices are sometimes diagnosed with things such as Schizophrenia and they can have these other symptoms as well:

  • Hearing voices.
  • Seeing things.
  • Delusions.
  • Thoughts that are not organized.
  • Withdrawing from people.
  • Suspicious.
  • Have a hard time with personal hygiene.
  • Laughing or crying at the wrong times.
  • Strange behavior.
  • Strange language.
  • Having fits

If you talk to the spirit world, you cannot see this in person, and it can be something that is a form of channeling.

Science believes that there are things that are said in the human mind, but humans have been talking and communicating with energies for years. Some people are more developed over this while others are not.

Psychics and mediums use this kind of thinking to communicate with the spirit world and to bring healing to others.

There are many people that are gifted in the psychic world and they are telepathic, and they are able to hear voices in their head and have conversations with these spirits.

This talk is more of a conversation with their guides and can help them to have good intentions and to be better in their life. These voices are not deceptive and are not there to hurt them and so it is important that you detect when an evil spirit comes without being invited.

People that have developed their spiritual lives know that there are techniques to help protect them and to keep them safe in a positive way. People need to be protected from negative spirits and that will keep them safe.

If you hear voices and you are using drugs, this could be a reason. If you hear voices and you cannot control the volume that you hear them in your mind and the voice is negative, this means that negative energy has gotten through to you from your aura and you need to get it out to stop the voices.

Self-Help Ideas

One way to get rid of negative energy is to fix your aura and make it stronger. You cannot see your aura, probably and so if you are haring voices, you need to get rid of the negative voices and the visions you are having.

You can do this by increasing your vibrational frequency and by increasing your energy of love and peace. You have to get rid of fear and anxiety and connect with your aura so that you can have control over your mind and body.

Being depressed and scared can cause your energy level to be low and this can allow negative spirits to come into your life. If a person is attracting negative energy, they have to raise their vibrations.

You have to raise your energy and you can do this in many ways such as:

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Detoxify your body.
  • Use incense.
  • Meditate and talk to your guides.
  • Use positive affirmations.
  • Visualize images.
  • Stop doing drugs or alcohol.
  • Find sea salts and use them when you bath and put them around your house.
  • Fill the tub with salt and relax and let the negative energies leave.
  • Use crystals such as Black Onyx and tourmaline.
  • Wear amulets that have protection stones.
  • Find things online that can help you meditate better and to learn how to keep your protection strong.
  • Use a crystal grid (rose quartz or amethyst-4 of them, run water over them and hold them and ask the good spirits to protect you and then put them in the corner of your bed frame and let the energy come to you).

Protecting Your Home

If you feel that spirits are in your home here are some ways to protect your house:

  • Use sea salt around your home.
  • Use sage and smudge your house.
  • Use a room spray that has sage, myrrh, or frankincense.
  • Use a bowl of sea salt and leave it in your home to pick up the negative energies.
  • Use crystals that are protective crystals.


Say, “I am safe and protected.”

“I get rid of negative energies that have come to me.”


  • Imagine a light of purple filling the room.
  • Imagine purple fire around dark areas in your house.
  • Imagine purple fire getting rid of negative energy.

Protection from an Attack

Make sure that you are protected and that you are keeping your family and friends protected as well. Keep working hard in the spirit world but make sure that you are safe when you do so.