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Make Your Wishes Come True

       Acting like a kid? haha no! A lot of people are wishing for something they like and even if you view wishing as a superstitious activity or you wholeheartedly believe in the power of wishing, wish making has been a traditional part of human behavior for centuries. Even some of our annual events include the practice of wish making. Here is a list of the top 5 ways in which we still make wishes today.

1. Wishing Wells and Fountains

Whether you choose a water feature in a park, a fountain in a mall or a well in a country field, the principle of wishing in a well or fountain is essentially the same. You simply stand near the well, look into the water and think of a wish. Then, you throw a coin into the water below. It is thought that it is very bad luck to take money from a fountain or well because you are robbing other people’s wishes.

2. Birthday Candles

An early form of Candle Magick, making a wish on birthday candles is perhaps the most practiced and common form of wishing. Once a year, special candles are placed into the frosting on top of a birthday cake. Some people prefer giant candles shaped in the numerical age of the birthday person. Others use decorative candles or trick candles which relight after being blown out. Then, the candles are lit and the happy birthday song, or some variety of it, is sung. The celebrated person makes a wish to themselves and proceeds to blow out the candles. It is thought that if they can blow out all of the candles out in one single breath, the birthday wish will come true.

3. Shooting Stars

This type of wish making can only occur during night time hours. Viewing the movement of meteors, comets and shooting stars are all thought to bring good luck. If you are fortunate enough to see one of these spectacular cosmic events, you are supposed to make a wish during that one instant in time. Seeing multiple shooting stars in a row is cause for multiple wishes as well. Beware though, for it is thought that if you say your wish out loud, it will not come true.

4. The Wishbone

Found in cooked fowls, the wishbone resembles a small slingshot. This form of wishing requires the effort of two people. Each person holds one end of the wishbone with one hand, makes an internal wish, counts to three and pulls on their end as hard as they can. The wishbone breaks and the person left holding the larger end gets their wish.

5. Eyelash

When you lose an eyelash, it is common for an onlooker to pluck the errant lash off of your face with their index finger and thumb and say “Make a wish.” At this time, you are to close your eyes and make a wish internally, without vocalizing it aloud. Then, you open your eyes and use your breath to blow the eyelash from their grasp.

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