Meditation Can Ground You!


Nature connects you

Many people often ask questions about how meditation can ground you.  Meditation is can also have a life changing effect on you. This is one of the reasons it has become so popular.   A particularly life-affirming meditation is called grounding meditation.  But what is it and how is it different?

Traditional meditation, aka, transcendental meditation is different from grounding mediation in that grounding involves more of an awareness to one’s body and the world around them.  What we think of as meditation commonly involves specific instructions, such as posture, sights and sounds.  Grounding meditation helps one change perception by closing out the toxicity that is part of daily life

Get in touch with nature

Some feel that a good way to have a successful grounding meditation is to go outside.  If you are unable to do this, get close to a natural element, such as a warm bath or surround yourself with plants.

Comfort, Privacy, and Calmness

When you meditate your should be as comfortable as possible and in a  calm, quiet space.  Some find soothing music helps them relax.   You should also avoid coffee or alcohol before you try this.

Create a special place

Set aside a place that calms you so you can go there when you need to relax.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; in fact it should be a simple as possible.  Make sure you can adjust the lights and sounds in this space so you can calm yourself and focus.

The steps

Once you have established a calm, quiet place, get into comfortable position.  Breathe deeply and steadily, inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth. Relax into your breathing.  Try and release your conscious thoughts.  Concentrate on the water or plants near you, Really visualize yourself reconnecting with nature and the elements. Picture your energy flowing from you into the element.  Picture the water or plant receiving the energy and returning it to you.  Be in the moment. As you focus on this , you will slowly begin to relax. Feel the energy growing within you as move into a connection with life.

Once you are connected you can let go of the energy in thanksgiving to nature.


While grounding meditation has many benefits for the body and mind, it also  helps us reconnect with all who share the planet.