Perfect Time To Let Go According To Your Sun Sign


       It’s a human nature to want that feeling of being in control. We want to feel in charge of our lives, keeping everything and everyone we love safe. However, it’s not realistic. Life will throw all kinds of things at us, and when we least expect it… SO, what do we do?

Although we can’t control everything, we can learn to adapt to challenges as they arise and stay grounded in spite of them. If you’re a spiritual person, you know exactly what I mean. Hindus refer to this as “dancing on the end of a sword.” This means that nothing can threaten your true spirit amidst the swirl of life if you stay grounded and adaptable.

So now that you know you can’t control everything, the next step is to learn how to let go. And, we can turn to your Sun sign for that information. Remember, those who let go, grow!


You’re more likely to avoid those who are trying to control you than attempt to control them. You’d rather spar with them. You’ve been learning for several years now that life and great ideas come to you at the speed of light. You may not be able to control the winds of change, but you can certainly steer your own course as you adapt.


You’re not inclined to let go of people, creatures or things that you adore. They are, understandably, your treasures. However, life is unpredictable and your loving attention has to adapt to the changes around you. You can let go of people who have moved on by creating beauty, enjoying the nature that surrounds you, and realizing that love is eternal.


Letting go is somewhat natural to you, due to your curiosity about the next experience or idea. However, what you love to control is language. You enjoy reactions to your words or other creative expressions. If you remain honest and committed to your ideals, control can be released in a gentle way that brings you joy.


The worst things you can imagine losing are loved ones because they are your safe place. You inherently understand the flow of life, but accepting that reality will help you let go. Water can flow around you or carry you off into the unknown. This is something you’ve experienced these last few years. Just know that family will always be there, no matter how the faces change.


For you, Leo, the ultimate challenge is to hear the messages of those who don’t agree with your methods, ambitions, and plans. You still want to be in charge, so listen, adapt, or insist on your position. However, you need to respect the people who disagree with you.


You’re a master of details, so letting go of your need to control life around you is difficult. You do it for those you love, but they often find it exhausting and worry about you. If you can let go and listen when others want some flexibility and responsibility, you’ll be thrilled at the relief it brings you.


You want to control what makes things beautiful, harmonious, and sweet for you and those you love. But you have to contend with anger, fear, and others’ need to assert their will. Just let go and allow occasional unpleasantness. You’ll survive and find balance within and with others.


You’re masterful at what looks like control. In fact, others envy you. You also see the undercurrents and realize what’s going on with people and the world in a more fundamental way than others. When you can depersonalize what your gut tells you and sort through what’s important, you’ll find great relief.


What you want to control most is access to your personal freedom. This is actually workable. Wanting to see the world and learn everything that you can is fine. But you don’t want to do it without love and a safe place to land. Remember, conscious agreements allow freedom in relationships. Exploring while love is flowing makes it worthwhile for everyone.


You’ve been spending the past several years dealing with major changes that were unexpected. They challenged your sense of control. Yet, sometimes when you’re striving towards a goal, it doesn’t look the way you imagined. That’s okay! Letting go brings joy because you are evolving. You are learning to do the job you didn’t want, but now you are growing to love it.


You are conflicted, Aquarius. You have the urge to control, yet you desire the freedom that comes with letting go. What you need to stop controlling is your well-crafted image of yourself. Only when you learn to communicate your need for grounding in the warmth of nonjudgmental love will you truly be free.


Your sign wants to control your freedom to aspire and inspire. However, you really want a relationship that will ground and support your need to let go and reach for your dreams. Therefore, you need to show others your intuitive ability to delight and free them through your visionary spirit. At the same time, you need to show that you have the ability to deliver something real. That will develop your support system.