Psychics creating self-confidence and self-awareness for others

Psychics creating self-confidence and self-awareness for others

Psychics creating self-confidence and self-awareness for othersDo you have to believe in a psychic’s abilities and the “truth” in order to be impacted by a psychic reading? You’d be surprised to find out that the answer is no.

Let’s present a case study about two psychics, Vianne Higgins and Ula Yule.

On a small Des Moines street slightly off the beaten path, these two psychics live and work, entertaining guests and customers without falling into the trap of being a “commercial psychic”.

These two have spent years trying to break the stigma that people don’t need to necessarily be a believer to benefit from their readings.

Higgins and Yule stress that they are very normal people, they just claim to see the deceased.

Using their talents, they can help people contact dead loved ones, which is a skill they have developed for many years.

But this amount of practice and development does not always happen over time.

Take Dani Lin for example. An Iowa City medium, Lin used to sense her psychic abilities as a kid and through her teenage years.

However, she never really embraced her skills as a medium until beating cancer in 2008. The pictures in her head became much clearer, and she was unable to keep telling herself that she just had a good imagination.

General Information

Psychics typically thrive on providing their studies with generic information.

This technique helps them have the best chance to not get caught in a lie or a mistake. For instance, they might say you will end up moving house, but not say exactly where.

Or they could tell you that the person you’re dating will not be the person you marry and that you’ll end up having a daughter and a son when you have children.

So how do psychics describe their own powers? 

They typically say that they are simply diving into a higher level of mental and spiritual energy that helps them communicate with spirits of the deceased. These mediums claim the spirit world is so close that all they have to do is shift their focus a little bit to enter the spiritual realm and communicate.


The thing you should understand about psychics is that they aren’t here to show you the future, well, not exactly.

They won’t show you where your hidden treasure is. They simply help you gain the confidence to want to find the treasure.

And yes…there are plenty of frauds that will pretend to know where the treasure is. Their aim is to mislead you and profit from it. For proper psychics, however, they make sure that an ethical outlook is their first priority.

After all, that’s the only way they can stay in business.

If people’s experiences with psychics are dominated by unethical frauds, then people will just stop utilizing their services altogether. So really, it’s in your psychic’s best interest to be honest with you.

The bottom line is, you can’t get too caught up in the small details. If you go hunting for a fraud, you’re bound to find one.

The difference between a psychic saying that you’ll have 3 children one day when you might, in reality, just have 2 is really pretty meaningless.

You have to consider the big picture. The psychic told you that you’d have children one day. How’d that make you feel? Your feelings regarding the future can actually give you the clarity of mind and self-confidence to make it happen.

People who have never really gotten over the low self-esteem days of their formative years may not have the self-confidence to believe in themselves and chase their dreams, so when a psychic tells them they are, in fact, creative, they have the confidence to believe in their creative goals.

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to say, “I can see into your future, and brighter days are ahead” or “You’re going to achieve your long term goals”, and a self-fulfilling prophecy is created.

It’s a little bit like telling someone they really do have what it takes to jump across the creek. The person’s confidence in themselves will create what it takes to make the leap.

Psychics are their to ensure you get whatever push you need to stride confidently into your future. Is it a supernatural push? Maybe, maybe not.

But it’s a push nonetheless.