Reduce your stress level by fifty percent


Stress is normal part of life for most people.  Tension and anxiety are just a part of our modern lives. Our daily schedules are crammed with errands, traffic, classes and other demands. Then there’s our jobs and the demands of a family.  It seems as if there is not enough of you in your day. Who has time to schedule in a respite from the every spinning wheel of life? Is it even necessary?

Studies show that even small amounts of stress can affect our health as much as a serious personal trauma. Think about how many times you say,” I need a break” or “I could really use a massage” Imagine every time you say that, a tiny peace of your health chips away.

When you look at it from that perspective, you will see how important managing daily stress really is.

There are a few simple ways to seriously reduce your stress so you can feel more relaxed throughout your day.

Invest in Hug therapy

Sex and exercise are two well-known stress reducers, but these also take time and a modicum of preparation. How can you squeeze yet another activity when you are already over scheduled as it is?    The good news is that simply making a physical connection with another being can work wonders. A simple hug or hand hold for a few moments can comfort your stress away. The next time you see a friend or a loved one, just give them a quick squeeze and see how your stress level drops.

Nutrition is vital

You may be saying,“It’s hard enough to find time to eat, who has time to eat well?”

You may not always have time to shop or cook, but you definitely  do not neglect some vital nutrients. Vitamins C and E work to keep your stress hormones in check  and work to control regulate your blood pressure. These needs can be met by taking a multi-vitamin. These supplements can definitely help reduce tension.

Stress eating may not be all bad

Many people turn towards food for comfort. These foods are generally made up of empty calories from sugar, salt and fat.  These foods, as we know, can lead to high blood pressure and other health problems. However, there are some foods that actually help reduce your tension.  These include nuts and avocados, omega-3 rich fish and oatmeal. The fiber and  potassium found in these foods help keep you full and focused for those moments of high stress.

Fix your stress, write away!

Many people are now turning to journaling to focus their thoughts, but you don’t have to be obsessive about it or even write every day to reap the benefits.  If something makes you sad or angry or otherwise cause your stress to increase, write it down. This will release your tension into a safe place

so you can get and keep things in perspective.  You might even come up with some strategies to change things for the better.

Vent to prevent explosion

Everyone needs a way to blow off steam.  While you may feel that keeping things to yourself and bottle it up inside maybe the more mature way to handle things, keeping things to yourself may have a far worse effect in the long run.  There is nothing wrong with turning to trusted friend to reveal your reaction to a comment or behavior.

Don’t feel guilty for helping yourself.  Talking to a friend can give you perspective and the act of sharing with another, just like writing in a journal can help you see things a little more clearly.