Self Care for Empaths

Self Care for Empaths

Self Care for EmpathsAn empath is a rarity, making up only about one fourth of the population. There is a difference in having empathy and being an empath. While empathy is a normal ability, empaths feel things deeply, on an emotional and spiritual level. An empath is highly sensitive to the energy of others, sensing vibes that are both positive and negative. An empath will feel the need to cry with others, share in excitement, and may feel ill when someone is negative.

Research has discovered something called mirror neurons that are responsible for compassion. An empath is believed to have extra sensitive mirror neurons which cause them to sense emotions instantly and with intensity. This can, at times, feel like a disadvantage. Life can take a toll on an empath who becomes easily stressed out and overwhelmed. This makes self care highly important on a regular basis.

Below are several tips to help empaths maintain stability as they move through life:


Aromatherapy is perfect for empaths. Due to the sensitivity, pleasant scents can be relaxing. Lavender, lemongrass, florals, and fruity choices are best. Even something as simple as lighting a favorite candle, taking time to inhale the scent in silence, and relax, can be helpful.


While meditation can be helpful to all people, it is a must for empaths. Take time to unplug from electronics and media for a time each day to allow yourself to relax and restore. This is because media is predominantly negative and drains an empath. Meditation takes the focus off the world and places it internally so balance and peace can be restored.

With meditation, unplug everything for at least an hour a day or more if possible. Music can be listened to if it is simply a calming melody without words. As you step away, tune into yourself as a form of self-care.


Empaths are naturally curious, almost addicted to gaining more knowledge. One form of self care is to sit down with a book and a favorite drink, just to get lost in the literary world. Whatever book is most enjoyable is perfect.


Find a hobby that allows you to relax, be creative, or that puts you in a good mood and take time to do it. Make sure your full attention in on the hobby and your hands are busy. This should be done frequently to take your mind off every day challenges. Enjoy life as a priority.


Empaths are usually friend of nature, well connected with Mother Nature. Many empaths enjoy plant keeping or growing a garden around their homes. They also often enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, going to the beach, or reading in the park. Empaths need time to bond with nature to raise vibrations and reduce stress which elevates mood.

Each of these tips can be beneficial to everyone, but are highly important to empaths who need self-care to remain functional. Too often, personal well being is put aside to care for others. Use these self care tips to unwind and care for yourself to increase spiritual well being. This will allow you to enjoy life and feel better overall.