Stop Judging: It Is Toxic


           We can’t help it at times… As we know, someone’s appearance is very hard to miss and usually the first thing we notice. It’s a natural tendency to make comments or think things about their weight, clothes, hair, or anything else.

You might think this criticism is harmless since the person doesn’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s harmful to yourself. When you stop judging others, you’re happier.

What Does Judging Others Achieve?

You’re definitely entitled to your own opinion. However, before you make a judgmental comment, think about what the comment will achieve. Are you trying to make yourself feel better about your own appearance? Are you trying to remind yourself how much smarter you are than someone else? Sometimes we criticize others to make ourselves feel better. The problem with this is that you shouldn’t constantly compare your life to other people. It doesn’t bring happiness to anyone.

Everyone is at a different point in their lives. Some have more money, some are more in shape, and some have better hygiene. All these differences do not make one person better than another; every person has worth. When you compare yourself to others, it’s hard to see all the good things going on in your own life. You should only look at your current situation and compare it to your past.

How To Change Your Thoughts

You might be thinking it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. This is true, but you can make the mental change. The first step is to stop yourself whenever judgmental thoughts come into your head and then think something positive about the person instead. For instance, if you see someone overweight eating a candy bar, don’t condemn the person for the action. Instead, try to say something positive, like “He sure looks happy” or “That’s a good choice of candy bar.”

If you have a hard time thinking of nice things to say to others, chat with an online psychic. A psychic can help you see the good in others and in yourself. Making this mental change takes some work, so it’s a good idea to accept help when you need it.

See the Change in Your Happiness

You are your own harshest critic. As you start to see the positive in other people, you’ll smile more and be happier. That’s because negative thoughts have a way of rotting you from the inside out. When you judge others, you end up feeling like others are judging you, and this brings a constant worry that you’re never good enough.

Wishful thoughts are also damaging. You can’t constantly go around wishing you had better clothes, more money, or a better body. The only way to achieve these things is through hard work. When you stop judging others and thinking about all the things you don’t have, you’ll have more time to actually work toward your goals. A psychic phone reading can help you realize what those goals are and help you create a plan to reach them.

It’s hard not to be judgmental of others, but you’ll be a happier person when you learn to stop. You don’t achieve anything from harsh comments.