Stopping Psychic Bullies

Stopping Psychic Bullies

Stopping Psychic BulliesI once was browsing in a spiritual bookshop when I was excited to spot a locally known Reiki expert approaching the store. But my excitement quickly dissipated. She strutted in and sauntered around in the crystals section, touting her special abilities to manifest abundance and to heal people. My nerves suddenly tensed, which put me on alert that something definitely was energetically off.

Sure enough, she strode over to me, trespassed into my aura to interpret my chakras, and pompously declared, “Your nerves are off, and your heart is wounded.” Then she arrogantly decreed, “Aside from those issues, you’re fine.” I backed away from her and replied, “If you were an actual expert, you’d know better than to disregard my boundaries!”

What I experienced was a classic case of psychic bullying. In case you’ve never heard of this, psychic bullying is when somebody either energetically or intuitively crosses your boundaries without asking for your permission to do so, or who reduces your energy or belittles your spiritual abilities to benefit themselves. It’s inappropriate for somebody to touch someone else’s body and to describe what they’re doing. So why would it be appropriate for someone to trespass in someone else’s aura and start interpreting their chakras?

Types of Psychic Bullying

Stopping Psychic BulliesMy story represents just one type of psychic bullying. There are other ways that people can engage in psychic bullying, including:

  • Reading your feelings or thoughts, or providing insight or guidance, without asking for your permission beforehand.
  • Not asking for permission before attempting to manipulate your energy or energy field.
  • Dismissing, questioning, or diminishing someone else’s intuitive or psychic insight in favor of affirming or aggrandizing their own.
  • Insisting that you let them predict future events related to you even after you’ve made it clear that you don’t want them to do so.
  • Disparaging someone else’s spiritual, healing, or psychic abilities.
  • Seeking to dim or extinguish someone else’s light by coercing them into a student/teacher relationship that’s not in balance. The “expert” attempts to impress upon the novice how learned or evolved they are in contrast, and imposes the belief or feeling that only their guidance and training could help them evolve
  • Feeding off of or draining someone else’s energy (also known as psychic vampirism).
  • Psychic attacking; that is, projecting dominating energy onto somebody else in order to suppress and/or to intimidate them.

I’ve been on the receiving end of far too many of these methods of psychic bullying at some point or other. It’s a topic that would truly drive me crazy if I let it.

Unfortunately, a healthy respect for, and sense of, spiritual and psychic and spiritual boundaries is a topic that is discussed not nearly often enough, and it’s certainly not sufficiently taught. Besides those who intentionally engage in psychic bullying, there are many people who quite innocently violate others’ boundaries without intending to bully. Your psychic or intuitive abilities by no means entitle you to information about or access to someone else’s energy! You need the person’s permission. If you don’t ask first, you’re violating the Law of Free Will and racking up unwanted karma.

Bullies thrive off their behavior. Bullying is the only way they know how to feel better about themselves. Each one of us has complete authority over our own energy systems. Bullying is not something you simply need to endure. You have a responsibility to yourself and to your soul to not allow this behavior.

Coping with Psychic Bullies

  • Disengage. If somebody manipulates you, reads your energy without asking your permission first, or provides you with counsel you did not ask for, you need to stop them. Physically step back from them and firmly but politely ask them to stop. Then either raise your hand with your palm facing them, or visualize a wall dropping between you. This will immediately sever energetic connections and affirm your boundaries.
  • Ground your energy. Bullying always relates to power. The best way to maintain connections to your own power is to ensure that you feel grounded. To do this, take several deep, steady breaths. As you do, feel your energy flowing downward through your feet all the way into the ground, and then back up into you.
  • Make eye contact. When dealing with psychic vampirism, you’d want to avoid looking the other person in the eye. But with psychic bullies, non-aggressively making calm and self-assured eye contact will affirm your authority. It communicates your self-sovereignty as you make it clear that you know what they’re trying to do, and that you’re not going to stand for it. Many psychic bullies, especially those who try to pass themselves off as better than everyone else, don’t want to be seen for who they truly are.
  • Know your purpose. Each person has intuition, psychic abilities, and their own spiritual purpose. Trust that you are just where you need to be The bully was not sent your way to affirm your gifts, to qualify your talents, nor to become your next teacher. They were sent to help you learn more about the inherent authority that you have. And that’s all.
  • Laugh it off. Allowing a bully to upset you or taking them too seriously will not serve you well. In fact, it can tip the balance of power back toward them. Empowered, healthy people don’t need to engage in bullying. Bullies learn their craft from being bullied themselves. It’s great if you can feel compassion for them. If you can’t, see their actions for what they are and move on.
  • Use crystals. Good choices for support are aqua aura quartz to protect your energy against bullying, black tourmaline to neutralize potentially harmful energy, hematite to increase steadfastness and courage, and red jasper to strengthen convictions. Carry whichever one you choose, or stash all four in a wearable pouch for full effect!

If you’re a psychic bully, you need to take an honest look at the reasons why you’re acting this way. You’re not a bad person. But your insecurities are blocking your path and damaging your interpersonal relationships. Seek self-validation from the spiritual realm, and release the behavior so you can stop it.