The 12 Universal Laws to Live a better Life

Live a better Life

Most people that do spiritual work have heard of the universal laws such as the Law of Attraction. But have you ever heard of the Law of Divine Oneness or the Law of Polarity?

All of the laws of the universe are there to help you reach your spiritual goals. Read more to find out how to live a better life.

Universal Laws

There are 12 different universal laws that can help you if you change your life. The laws are based around Ho’oponopono which is a meditation technique that comes from the Hawaiian culture. The idea of these laws go all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times.

These laws of the universe can help you to find love and help you to get peace and happiness in your life.

Law of Divine Oneness

This law tells you that you are connected to all things both living and dead. It says that you use every thought to make things happen and every action.

Sometimes this means that people have compassion more because they know that everyone is connected, and this allows them to be more accepting.

Law of Vibration

This law tells you that everything has a vibrational frequency. This is the energy that we have, and it changes based on what we are feeling and doing.

You can increase your vibrations by doing good things or by taking salt baths, sound baths, doing yoga or healing your chakras.

Law of Correspondence

This is a law that tells you that your reality is whatever you are thinking. You can learn to get rid of fear and stress in your life and find ways to ground yourself so that you can have peace and love.

When things get hard, figure out how to heal your inner being and be strong.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction tells you that whatever you think or whatever you do will come back to you. If you want something and you believe in it hard enough, you will get it.

You cannot get love if you don’t give love and you cannot get positive things if you are being negative. That is the rule of the Law of Attraction.

Law of Inspired Action

This law is one that means that you have to take action to make your life better. You have to listen to your inner self and work hard.

Do this by working hard and by allowing your mind to be clear. Create a place where you can listen to your intuition, and you can be open to new things.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This law tells you that everything is made up of energy and the energy can go faster or slower. This energy comes from how you think and what you do to process your reality.

When you are around negative people, you can see that your thinking can become negative. Find people that are positive and uplifting to be around.

Law of Cause and Effect

This law tells you that everything you do has something coming back to you. You might not see the effect of your action immediately, but it will come back to you.

Remember that everything will have a reaction so do things that are good and get good reactions back in your life.

Law of Compensation

This law tells you that you will get whatever you give. This is reaping and sowing. Whatever effort you put in is what will come back to you.

Use this law to attract love and kindness to your life. Do this by supporting and loving others.

Law of Relativity

This law tells you that things in your world are neutral and that relativism is real, and people see things different because of their perception.

Use this law to understand when life is hard and to be loving and compassionate to others.

Law of Polarity

This law tells you that everything has an opposite such as good and bad, fear and bravery, cold and hot. There are two things that can come to every situation.

You can make sure to be positive and to use positive mantras to help you to see things in a good way.

Law of Rhythm

This law tells you that your life will change and grow, and you have to work through things even when they are hard.

Notice the inner rhythm of your soul and when you feel tired, rest, and give yourself more power to be stronger.

Law of Gender

This law has to do with the masculine and feminine energy of the universe.  Make sure that you have balance in your life and that you use both energies such as being gentle and kind but working hard.


There are 12 different laws of the universe and even though these laws can seem hard to follow, do not let them get you overwhelmed or tired. Things do not always have to be about statistics or about science, but they can be more about living your best life.