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The Curiosity on Astrocartography

Astrocartography is a discipline of Astrology.  It also known as Relocation Astrology where they say your birth chart ASTROCARTOGRAPHY READINGSis mapped against the world map.  Your birth chart is looked at because it can predict a surprising amount of information about the events and direction and events of your life.   It can also tell us about your personality and make up.

Basically, lines are drawn on top of a map of the world and the places that fall on lines or line intersections are taken to be more meaningful, powerful, and transformative for you. The different lines all have different meanings as well.  Depending on which line or lines fall on a city or a place – this place can be very supportive for you – as it is supposed to help you succeed in an area of your life whether it be relationships, your job, or self-confidence.  Ot, it can also be very challenging in a certain area of your life, pushing you to change something; remembering challenges can be just as transformative, if not more so, than support.

Astrocartography, krschannel, kapiel raaj, vedic astrology, astrology, horoscope, change locationThe energy of moving to or spending time in these new places awakens something in us, something that was already there but perhaps we’d repressed or ignored it; the change comes from within, the energy to do so comes from without.

That certain places can shift something inside us to inspire, support or challenge us to grow and transform can be fascinating.  It further validates the reasons why people have periods of their life where they just have to uproot and move cities or where the only option seems to be taking an extended break from their home and regular life somewhere far away. Travel changes and heals us, it helps us to evolve.

How To Create  Your Own Astrocartography Chart

First, gather the information you will need, these are: name, birth date, birth city (easy), birth time (not so easy).  The time of your birth should be to the nearest half hour at the very least, you could find it on your birth certificate or your parents may remember.

Second, input your details into

traveler global world mapThird,  look up each part of the world you’re interested in, clicking on cities and lines all over the map, reading the automatic interpretation for you and that place in the world on the right hand side of the map.

Lastly, you can google the name of each line also to give you some greater depth of meaning behind a certain place falling on a certain line.

It’s exhilarating – we know we are not meant to be born and die in one place.  For some of us our destinies are
somewhere else, far from home.  And for some of us yet, true love can be found in another continent.  The wandered in us is served by Astrocartography as it helps out figure which direction to take.  Have you ever dreamed of place you would like to visit?  A place you are really drawn to that you spend a large part of your life working your way with it as an unconscious goal, “I will be in Paris someday?”


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