Ways To Start Fresh in 2018


New year is everyone’s opportunity for a clean slate and starting fresh—at least that’s what everyone says, right? But you can’t really wipe the slate clean by simply stating that you’d like to do so. If you want to show yourself (and others) that you’re ready to leap into 2018 as a new you, take the following five steps for a new-year detox. This way, your mind will be in an ideal place to really take advantage of the abundant opportunities 2018 brings.

1. Clean Out Your Closets and Pantry 
Spring cleaning may get all the attention but the best time of the year to do a purge of your home is right now. Get rid of all the clothing you never wear and toss all the junk food from your kitchen cabinets too. Whatever it is you’d like to see in 2018, be sure to make your space a reflection of that. Don’t hold yourself back by keeping objects that will slow down your forward progress, limit your possibilities or keep you stuck in a rut. This is certainly your year to truly have a clean slate.

2. Make Your Amends
Want a clean slate? Reach out to people with whom you have tension and do your best to put any negative feelings to rest. Even if you’re not the one in the wrong, sometimes it’s worth being the proverbial bigger person and making the first move for the sake of your mental health. Doing this will allow you to start the year fresh in your relationships, once again restoring harmony and balance among you and the people in your life.

3. Delete the Junk
Our digital lives can be a major source of clutter—and emotional weight, for that matter. Whatever you’re holding onto that no longer serves you (like, email newsletters from stores you can’t afford to shop at or staying social media friends with a toxic ex-coworker), make the choice to opt out for good if you want to start the year with a clean slate. Clearing your online and tech slates will certainly help you make room for new prospects and happiness in 2018.

4. Sage Your Home
If 2017 brought havoc into your home, do a detox by burning some sage. This will get the negative energy out of your sacred space and usher in a new year filled with peace and positivity too. If sage isn’t your style, consider rearranging the furniture in a particular room where bad memories occurred or selling some key items to makeover your space. In this case, changing the physical look of your space can reframe your experience within your home. Make where you live your sanctuary in 2018 so you can reside in a space that feels safe and secure with a clean slate.

5. Give Yourself a Break
If you’ve been harboring regret or self-loathing this past year, now’s the time to let it go. Give yourself the grace you would any other person and understand that everyone makes mistakes—even you too! Whatever it is that you’re still beating yourself up over, just let it go. With a clean slate, you can begin 2018 from the standpoint of self-reflection and self-love. It’s certainly a wonderful emotional place from which to have your best year yet.