What is Stopping You from Your Intuition?


How often have you heard someone tell you to trust your gut or to listen to your intuition? If you have been living on earth for some time, chances are that you have heard this and if you are a spiritual person then you have probably heard that more than you can count.

As someone that does spiritual practices, you will be told all the time that you need to learn to listen to your intuition and do what it tells you. Even though people are always telling you what to do, no one takes the time to tell you about intuition or how you are supposed to trust your gut and follow it.

You are probably just told to trust yourself but if when you are someone that has a hard time believing or listening to their intuition, this might be something harder than you can imagine. This is like telling someone that lost someone close to them not to be sad or to tell someone that is stressing not to be stressed. If you could just have these perfect feelings, then chances are you already would without someone telling you to.

Some people are able to really connect with their intuition and that is why they will often talk about trusting it. That is just part of who they are and sometimes they have a hard time understanding that you aren’t as connected as they are, or they have a hard time telling you how to connect because they have never not been connected to their own intuition.

They are people that have been connected just as they are and so they don’t always know how to explain intuition.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the feelings inside of you that will give you answers to things, even if you aren’t asking the question. Some people are confused about intuition because they don’t know what it is, and they don’t understand it. It is similar to trying to explain a feeling that you have to someone that has never been in the same situation that you are in. This can be hard to explain to someone that has never experienced the same things that you have.

Intuition is kind of like that feeling because even though everyone has the abilities to have and use their intuition, not everyone really knows they have it.

You can look at your intuition and you can describe it as something that you just know. Intuition is something that talks to you, and it gives you a feeling when you should or shouldn’t do something. For example, if you are somewhere and your intuition tells you to leave, you don’t need to know why, you just need to get out of there.

Intuition can help you when you meet someone, and you can feel something about them without have ever met them. Your intuition will tell you when someone is dishonest or when someone is good. Maybe you walk home the same way each evening but this time you feel like you should go a different way. That is your intuition keeping you safe.

Your intuition can communicate with you in a way that you feel that it is right there telling you what you need to know. This is when your intuition is at a high volume and is showing you when something can hurt you. You might use your logic and your conscious mind to help you to know that the situation could be dangerous and that you need to leave and that is why you can often hear your intuition.

If you have intuition and you are ignoring it, chances are that it will just keep getting louder so that it can communicate with you.

Your intuition is there to give you information that can help you. Your intuition does not stop working and it is always trying to tell you something and it is part of who you are. Your subconscious being and your energy is part of who you are and your intuition, like your emotions, never stop working and they are always there.

The problem is that when you have your intuition turned off, you will have a hard time hearing what it is telling you. You can learn to listen carefully to your intuition, and you can make it louder so that you can hear what it is telling you. When you have a hard time hearing your intuition, chances are that you have it blocked or you are not connected to it any longer.

Ignore the Intuition

Some people will ignore their intuition because they have been taught to ignore it. Children that are often connected to their psychic gifting at a young age are very connected to their intuition but when they try to tell an adult about what they are feeling, they are often told to be quiet or to keep things to themselves. A baby, for example, will cry when it needs something, and it will laugh when it is happy, and the baby is always listening to what it is feeling.

Intuition is the same as what you are feeling when you are born. The problem happens when we choose to no longer listen to our intuition. When we get used to listening to it, it becomes easy, and we can learn to hear it even when we don’t realize we are listening. We can train ourselves to listen better to our intuition and life will teach us how to listen and not ignore what we are feeling. When we choose not to listen, we don’t mean to hurt ourselves, we just have to relearn that listening to our intuition is helpful.

The same way that people teach children to ignore their intuition is the same way that people stop listening to it as well. No one will tell a kid to listen to their intuition but instead of saying that, an adult will feel that they know better than the child and they will assert their own authority even if the child is not comfortable.

Just like when an adult tells you that you need to hug someone in your family and you don’t want to be that close to them because your intuition is telling you not to, you are still told to hug them by the adult, and this causes the child to stop listening to their intuition.

When you have stopped listening and connecting to your intuition, you will see that you might be afraid of what it is telling you. You might feel that you are wrong and so you learn to ignore it. This can mean that you are ignoring what you need in your life. Your intuition is your gut feeling and it will get quieter as you ignore it more and more to the point where you are no longer even aware that you have it.

Knowing Your Intuition

The great thing about your intuition is that even if you don’t realize it is there, it is. Even if you don’t hear it, it is still telling you things that you can learn from if you learn to connect with it again. You can get back to the point where you can hear and listen to your intuition, but you have to learn to be more aware.

Learning to connect with your intuition is a way that you can become tuned with the place that you have once lost touch with. You can realize that your connection will get stronger as time goes on but as you open your mind to new information, you will see that your brain is always working to get you to tune back into your intuition, even when you don’t realize it.

If you want to make your connection stronger on your own, you can start working to get in touch with your intuition. You can learn to make a connection and listen to what you need to hear. You will see that the more you listen to the gut and the intuition voice, the louder it will be for you. You can get stronger in your abilities to hear your intuition and each day it can get louder until you never ignore it again.