What Is Your Spirit Animal?


Everyone has an animal that they are drawn to.  It may be by chance or by luck or by choice, the connection is there.  It may also be written in the stars.  Your zodiac  sign  can lead you to your spirit animal.   You may have had a dream or vision or other spiritual encounter with an animal that spoke to you.  You more than likely have come into contact with your spirit animal

Still confused? Check out the following list according to your Zodiac sign to see if you have found your spirit animal.

Aries the Ram

If your sign is Aries, your spirit animal may be the Ram, the male Bighorn Sheep. This animal settles his disagreements by literally meeting them head on. The statues verifying their regal status can be seen at Luxor/Karnak, Egypt.  The Ram is fearless and protective of those they love.

Taurus the Bull

This signs animal is around 17,00 years old.  The bull is associated with Taurus and symbolizes detention and a tendency to nurture.

Gemini the Unicorn

Of course, you know, that Gemini is connected to the twins, Castor and Pollux. These two love and support each other because they know they are one.  Unicorns are also connected with tis sign.  This symbol of purity uses two eyes that seen things separately  but are connected with a single horn.In addition to this animal, dogs are also recognized as a Gemini spirit animal

Cancer the Crab

This crustacean loves water and peace and is willing to go underground to find it.  Underneath their shell they are quite tender.  The shell is a facade to shield their vulnerability. The Sun and the Sheep are also related to cancer.

Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle

It is common knowledge that Leo identifies as the Lion.  Leo’s are also associated with nurturing children and creative imagination.  Native American tribes  associate birds such as the Robin and the Chickadee with Leo.

Virgo the Bird

Virgo is seen as the lead huntress. Celebrations of bread and wine are associated with the culmination  Virgo brings.  Virgo has several spirit animals including the Crow, Blue Jay and the Horned owl.

Libra the Wolf

As the human race’s first loyal friend, the wolf is strongly associated with Libra.  Birds connected to Libra are the dove and owl.  The Chinese Zodiac connects the Badger to Libra.

Scorpio the Scorpion

This star sign is ancient, just like its counterpart, Taurus.  Scorpio is deeply passionate and  fiercely protective of its loved ones. Scorpio is also related to healing because the tail of the Scorpion is representative of healing medicine.

Sagittarius the Horse-Man

Sagittarius is directly connected to the horse.  It is also a sign of great healing. Sagittarius is also connected to the eagle with his great view of life and the world.  This sign has multiple animals, the ox, the crocodile, the tiger tail, the leopard and griffin.

Capricorn the Sea-Goat

Capricorn is also an ancient sign.  Capricorn represents the evolution of humanity as it seeks new  ideas and challenges. It also carries the wisdom of its age.   Capricorn is represented by the dolphin and the bat.

Aquarius the Fish

Aquarius, that wise old water-bearer, knew how deep the Nile is and how to feed Egypt.  This sign is connected to the Southern Fish , the phoenix and the winged horse.  Other animals for this sign include the rat, the swallow and the porcupine.

Pisces the Fish

Younger, but no less knowledgeable is Pisces the fish.  Pisces represents the sacred knot of love.  This sign’s animals  are the wolf, the Pegasus and the sea monster, Cetus.