What to look forward to when dating a psychic medium

What to look forward to when dating a psychic medium

What to look forward to when dating a psychic mediumDating is just dating regardless of what you do for a living or what is unique about you. All of us have things we are afraid of sharing with others. All of us have things that make us feel weak. And in any case that individual you are in a relationship with is a medium, they have an extra thing to add to the table.

You don’t know if it’s you?

There are things you need to look forward to if you are in a relationship with a medium or looking forward to dating one:

  1. It’s not all about a profession but about who we are.

Being a psychic medium is more of who we are and not all about careers. Our life views are defined by it. How we comprehend the universe and how the world works. And our relationship with you is likely to be affected.

Our feelings and intentions are also affected and all those things that are important to us.

It affects our operations and how we desire others in our lives to operate.

We cannot stop being psychics even for a minute. It’s part of us. You just have to accept that.

  1. We have feelings

We are both professionally and naturally sensitive. We have been trained on how to deal with changes and energies around us.

You can date somebody else if you are that person who is only interested in individuals who have fewer emotions and doesn’t speak too much.

Does it in your presence at times? We are not compatible if crying, thinking, questioning and asking makes you feel squeamish.

  1. We are aware of the advantages of feeling pain.

Stop using ambiguous and derogatory terminologies

We naturally feel so. Refrain from calling us ‘too emotional’ or ‘too sensitive’. This is a fact and not an insult. Wearing emotions on your sleeve is an indication of a strong person who is vulnerable at the same time.

  1. Show us support

Show us support when with your family and friends. We can walk away if someone you know doesn’t speak well of us and doesn’t believe in psychic medium. We might decide to just leave.

We also feel good when you defend us. And feels bad when you don’t. it’s like being rejected, and that’s quite personal.

  1. Don’t bash at us even if you don’t believe in us.

If you want to know more, just ask

You don’t know much to give your opinion?

Quite several psychics talk with others openly for a living, so we won’t refrain from talking to you in case you want to know more about something. Just inquire about anything that you don’t understand.

We’ll try our best to share everything with you until you feel comfortable. But you must be willing to learn. We can’t force you, but just when you inquire to know more about us, it’s an indication that you love us and don’t mind being with us.

  1. Making fun of someone’s belief system or way of living is not funny

This is common sense but I just had to say it. Some individuals especially partners, love making fun of our way of living without understanding it. This is already a red flag regardless of what you might think. If you are interested in continuing with the relationship, you shouldn’t mock them or make them feel bad.

Therefore, know you are only looking for arguments if you laugh loudly at what a psychic medium you’re dating is discussing.

  1. We will be outspoken

Psychics spend most of the times talking about long-kept quiet messages of others. We are here for those people on the other side who want to apologize while they never did so during their whole life. We apologize on behalf of others. We always have to deliver those emotional messages of love.

Speaking the truth is good and just getting it over your chest.