What’s a psychic empath is and how to know if you’re one

What’s a psychic empath is and how to know if you’re one

What’s a psychic empath is and how to know if you’re oneDo you instantly connect with people, places or animals? Do strangers trust you so much such that they find it easy to confide in you? These encounters that seem unexplainable can be linked to empathetic powers. If you have ever gone through something like this or can instantly know the character of someone, you are likely to be a psychic empath.

What is an empath?

This is to comprehend and share the feelings of someone putting yourself in their shoes. An empath is always very cautious of the vitality around them and the emotions of people and animals.

Empaths possess clairsentience, a special gift of clear feeling. Clairsentience is when one can feel emotions that manifest in the world as you interact with individuals, places, and animals. Empaths are easily affected by the energies around them, be it of animals, plants or people.

Types of psychic empaths

Empaths do not possess similar abilities. Some can feel the emotional feelings of those around them, while others can pick the changes in the energy levels of their surroundings. The difference between empaths and non-empaths is empaths can feel these energy levels while non-empaths can’t feel or notice them. Your empathetic abilities determine the type of psychic empath you are. Below are different types of empaths and their abilities.

Physical empath

You are likely to be a physical empath if you can intuitively know what the other individual is feeling based on their energy. Several people who have this ability pursue healing to help others be it in a conventional medical career or other professions.

You should know the impact of these abilities on your body if you think you may be a physical empath. You are likely to encounter some negative health problems or find it hard dealing with preexisting ones if you feel the energies of others within yourself.

Plant empath

These are individuals who are aware of what the plants need intuitively. You easily sense where specific plants have to be placed. You also need a lot of exposure to plant life and trees. You enjoy just sitting by a tree to meditate.

Animal empath

You are an empath if you have a strong sense of connection with animals. Animal empaths are always ready to take care of animals and they frequently know better what an animal needs and wants. Others can even communicate with animals telepathically.

Signs that you are a psychic empath

You always have mood swings

An indication that you are feeling another person’s energy could be that you encounter a lot of depression which later transitions into a joyful feeling. Things such as fear, anxiety, and worry always create feelings of depression after pulling you down.

You become anxious when in a crowded place

Since empaths always pick the energies of people around them, they find being in a crowd overwhelming. They pick energy of people around them and clearing out becomes difficult. At times the conflicting energies clear out on their own.

Certain social situations drain you

Specific situations increasingly drain empaths. Look at events such as funerals, they trigger emotions although they are different for everyone. All you need to do ease the pressure of these situations, you can think about your time limit for interactions in these situations so that you don’t overwork your mind.

You feel sick out of nowhere

Some empaths feel sick just from nowhere. This is due to the result of negative absorption from people. You, therefore, need to listen to your gut since the stomach can easily pick invisible information.

You can sense when something is amiss in a room

You can easily tell the mood of people in a room or something that has just happened in a room. You can pick the energy of the room and tell if there was an argument recently or if someone passed away in the space.