Leave the Empath Alone

Leave the Empath Alone

Empath’s are people that are gifted and can even go as far as reading your mind.  They will know things about you without you telling them.

This is a rare gift and they have the gift to feel the feelings of other people.  They are great at listening and helping you to solve problems.

Empaths have rare traits, and these are powerful traits.  They can look at someone and know what they are feeling, know if they are true or if they are a liar.  They know that they can protect themselves by knowing these things.

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t only get involved with an empath if you can handle their personalities:


An empath is rare and has rare traits.  They are born with gifts to be able to know if people are telling the truth or lying.  They can tell in their gut when something isn’t right.


Empaths know if you are jealous even when you don’t want to tell them.  They might act like they don’t know but they always do.  They will sense your jealousy, but they will never confront you because they don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

Can’t Trick Them

You cannot fool an empath and they can see right through you.  They will sense when something isn’t right and they will distance themselves from you.


One of the strongest emotions that an empath can feel is hate.  This feeling has a strong negative energy and when they feel it, they will choose not to be around the negativity.  They will not be hurt by hate because they are comfortable with who they are.


If you are prejudice towards people different than you, they will know.  If you hate someone because of their religion or skin color, they will see you as shallow and stay away from you.


Empath’s know when you are feeling down or you are not strong.,  They will try to help you and ask you what is wrong so that they can listen and give you advice.


An empath is not swayed by flattery and they know when someone is being fake.  The only thing this does is annoy them and cause them to go to someone else.

Wrong Way

If you are going down the wrong path, an empath will warn you.  This will not be hard for them because they are strong, and they sense things.


Never try to hide or pretend to be something else with an empath.  They know what you are doing and they will not be tricked.  They will accept you for who you are as long as you are not pretending.

They Just Know

An empath just knows when someone is using them.  They will not tolerate these types of relationships and they will remove themselves very quickly.