Friday , June 9 2023

Psychic Advice

Aspects of Being and the Law of Attraction

There’s an old adage, “You are what you think.” It’s true, but only to a point. Thinking is just one of many pathways of energy. By itself, positive thinking is not quite enough to alter reality. The path towards the life we want is a slower and more uncertain route. …

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Meditation Can Ground You!

Nature connects you Many people often ask questions about how meditation can ground you.  Meditation is can also have a life changing effect on you. This is one of the reasons it has become so popular.   A particularly life-affirming meditation is called grounding meditation.  But what is it and how …

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Are you Angry?

Some people think that whoever makes you angry controls you. As maddening as it seems, there is definitely some truth to that.  If you find yourself constantly letting anger control you, you will lose an awful lot of your valuable life force fighting battles that aren’t yours instead of being …

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Reduce your stress level by fifty percent

Stress is normal part of life for most people.  Tension and anxiety are just a part of our modern lives. Our daily schedules are crammed with errands, traffic, classes and other demands. Then there’s our jobs and the demands of a family.  It seems as if there is not enough …

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What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Everyone has an animal that they are drawn to.  It may be by chance or by luck or by choice, the connection is there.  It may also be written in the stars.  Your zodiac  sign  can lead you to your spirit animal.   You may have had a dream or vision …

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Crying As A Form Of Energy Healing

   Did it every happen to you that you cried and cried until you got tired and felt alive afterwards? Energy healing is a huge subject with many different facets to it. In addition, there are a variety of tools and methodologies taught for centuries and countless ways and concepts …

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Do You Ever Listen To Your Own Advice?

      People runs to you for advice and considering the amount of time you spend giving thoughtful advice to your friends and family, it’s a wonder you don’t add “part-time advice-giver” to your resume. However, when faced with the daunting task of supplying some for yourself, you might …

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So Smart To Make Dumb Decision?

           Do you know any office hotshot? Easy… They’re sharp, funny, hip, cool and make the job look effortless. If anyone’s headed for the top, it’s this person, right? So why did they just walk into the elevator while holding a box of personal effects? What …

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Ways To Start Fresh in 2018

New year is everyone’s opportunity for a clean slate and starting fresh—at least that’s what everyone says, right? But you can’t really wipe the slate clean by simply stating that you’d like to do so. If you want to show yourself (and others) that you’re ready to leap into 2018 …

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